Vaping Etiquette – Don’t Cloud Other People’s Minds

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Wed 22 Nov 2017

From the most ardent anti-smokers, to plant enthusiasts, there is a consensus that vape is, most of the time at least, quite a pleasant smell, and if not pleasant then less odious than that of cigarette smoke. For many years, even smokers had to reluctantly accept that going into a pub, club, a small office, or any enclosed area where smoking was permitted would leave a smell of stale plant in their clothes and hair, and a sting in their eyes. Since the smoking ban, this is no more. The public have got used to smelling toilets and industrial fumes instead.

While we campaign for vape-friendly indoor social environments, it is important to be mindful of others in this new era, many of whom never experienced smoking environments prior to the ban, and learn from the mistakes of the past.

While me may like the scent of our latest blueberry concoction, it may not be to everybody’s taste.

The one major downside of modern vaping in an indoor public area in comparison to cigarettes are large clouds, from sub-ohm tanks especially. Visually impairing some poor soul who has just been served a steak pie and chips as he pours his gravy, causing spillage and 2nd degree burns is not desirable, nor good for the cause of vape-friendly locations.

I sense an increasing attitude and disgruntlement towards vapers, and it seems to correlate with the power and cloud size modern tanks are capable of producing. A couple of local pubs near me have banned vaping recently because of this.

If we expect public environments to accept vaping, then as well as gratitude and custom, they should be offered something in return. A code of conduct in a sense.

Check with people nearby – If you don’t know someone, it is respectful to ask them if they mind you vaping. If they don’t want you to vape, then there is no point causing a scene. You will find a lot will say they have no problem, or at worst just ask you to not blow it on them.

In a new environment – Always politely ask staff if you can vape if you do not see the green logo. If vaping is ok, tell them about the logo.

Around children – Despite what we think and know about how safe vaping is, it is a good idea to set an example and not vape next to children where possible.

Around animals – Much testing has been done on the effect of vaping on humans, not so much our beloved pets. You wouldn’t blow smoke on a dog, or give her your paracetamol, don’t blow clouds on them.

Don’t criticise others for their choice – Be they smokers, users of cartridge e-cigs or non-smokers. Set an example, as vapers are the ones really under scrutiny right now.


This isn’t meant to be patronising or preachy. Testing out new kit and watching the clouds roll can be really cool, and many who don’t vape find it awesome. But there is an underlying feeling that there is a waiting game going on, for a couple of major incidents to get vaping banned from indoor public environments.

There is a place for large clouds, and it isn’t the pub. Lets keep the pub as a place for small clouds, and not consign indoor vaping to history.


Written by our new content creator Alex Blatherwick


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