Vaping 100% Organic VG e Liquid – no PG required!

If you are an avid vaper you’ll know that VG E Liquid (100%) even the best quality VG e juice is generally too thick and unpleasant for vaping on its own.

A common solution to this is mixing it with PG which solves
the issue of thickness but gives out less vapour. Also some people are
sensitive to PG and therefore aren’t able to mix it with their VG E Liquid.

Before you start thinking about moving
back to traditional cigarettes you should explore our 
VSAVI range for a healthy and clean smoking
alternative with 100% VG Liquid (and without PG mixer).

Our VSAVI range of pure 
VG e-liquid is to our knowledge the only fully tested E Liquid available
which is still 100% VG but thin enough to vape without any clogging in the
tank. Designed specifically for the avid vaper.

The VSAVI and
Platinum range contains pharmaceutical grade
ingredients purchased in the UK to create an organic and pure e-cigarette experience allowing for maximum user enjoyment.

BUY VG E-liquid

Clean, organic, safe, tested and pure are the keys to making our product stand out from the rest. 

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