Vaper’s Guide To Etiquette


In a time
where smoking tobacco has become taboo, and as smokers ditch the cigarettes and
switch to e-cigarettes in the hope of leading a healthier life, there, appears
to be a quandary when it comes to the etiquette of vaping? Whilst vaping isn’t
the same as smoking, a mutual common courtesy can and should be applied, which
means you won’t be on the end of any disapproving glances when you decide you’d like to vape. Here is our vaper’s guide to etiquette.

Vaping in Public

Public Spaces
In the UK it
is not against the law to vape in public spaces, though in most cases it will
be down to the company in question who are operating and running the particular
site who will dictate and make their known their policies on the use of
e-cigarettes. If in doubt, always check. At the time of writing, MP’s and
members from the vaping industry are lobbying for more liberal laws regarding
vaping, such as the use of e-cigarettes on NHS premises in an effort to support
those looking to stop smoking.

Social Engagements
Whilst vaping
e-cigarettes don’t produce noxious smoke like tobacco, it’s important to
remember that the act of vaping is still a relatively new pastime that requires
a little education amongst the masses. It’s feasible that friends and family
may not yet be acquainted with vaping, so whilst in this infancy of understanding
it’s important to share the benefits of e-cigarettes, it’s as equally as
important to respect those around you. Don’t be blasé and puff away blind to
those around you, ask permission and see if anyone would mind.

Cloud Chasing
Depending on
your desired choice of e-cigarette device or
e-liquid, there is potential to
create quite the cloud of vapour. Whilst cloud chasing can be seen as a novelty that in some cases is cultivated by
hobbyists to compete in creating vast vaporous clouds, be conscious and considerate
of those around you. You wouldn’t necessarily want an alien body to encroach on
your personal space, so why invade your fellow human being?

Stealth Vaping
We see you! You may be forgiven for thinking that you can get away with a cheeky puff on your e-cigarette whilst sat at your desk or waiting in the queue of the supermarket. It’s less obvious than smoking and who can detect or see you anyway? Whatever the weather, remember that public spaces will implement their own rules and restrictions that you should adhere to at all times. Be sensible.

Vaping may
not be new to you or me, but for many, the sight of someone puffing away on an
e-cigarette can seem like a fairly ambiguous one, if not bewildering. Whilst no
one likes a preacher, should enquiring minds lend their ears, the opportunity
to educate those, especially smokers about the benefits of e-cigarettes should
not go amiss. Up to
less harmful than smoking tobacco
and potentially helpful in the
process of quitting smoking, you could be saving lives with a quick conversation about vaping.

Vaping in Private

Children & Pets
e-cigarettes and e-liquid shouldn’t be left around willy-nilly. Shiny,
colourful things are appealing to most human beings, but more so to the wanting
eyes of little Jemima and Terry her pet rabbit. Keep your devices and
accompanying accoutrements out of sight and out of mind to avoid any mishaps.

Sharing Your E-Cigarettes
Your new
found enthusiasm for e-cigarettes or a friends
desire to see what the fuss is all about, may lead you into the temptation of
sharing your device. Don’t! Depending on your device, the mouthpiece attached
to your e-cigarette is likely to be used hundreds of times in its lifetime.
Keep it clean. Stay hygienic.

At Home
Think it’s
okay to vape at home? Go ahead! Vaping in your home should be wholly decided by you and those that may
share your habitat with you. If you’ve
got friends or family popping over for a cuppa, do the polite thing and abstain
prior to their arrival, before seeing if they mind.

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