Trinity’s Squeezed Juice is fresh-pressed, full-flavored

Trinity Fruit’s new product line, Squeezed Juice, hits all the marks consumers and retailers are searching for in a fresh fruit juice. “Customers and retailers are really excited about a 100 percent, not from concentrate juice,” said Jackie Nakashian, brand manager at Trinity Fruit Co. The company has received high praise for its Squeezed Juice. Nakashian said,”common feedback we receive is that our juice tastes just like real pomegranates and mandarins –– nothing else!”

Jackie Nakashian
Jackie Nakashian

Currently debuting in two flavors, mandarin and pomegranate, Trinity’s Squeezed Juice is a compelling product for health-conscious consumers looking for a truly fresh, no-water-added juice that sacrifices nothing in flavor. “Squeezed Juice is truly unlike anything else on the market –– our juice is 100 percent juice, not from concentrate, and made with California-grown fruit from our farms in the Central Valley,” said Nakashian.

As a year-round vertically integrated fruit company, Trinity has become one of the premier shippers and packers of stone fruit and citrus in California’s Central Valley.  Featuring a full line of California fruits supported by a network of worldwide growers, Trinity is able to service retailer needs year-round.

Angela Hernandez
Angela Hernandez

Angela Hernandez, director of marketing at Trinity, said the company’s move to enter the fresh juice sector has been in the works for a number of years but officially started in 2019, growing out of the company’s commitment to stewardship and utilizing more of available fruit from its orchards. “Our goal at Trinity is to use the whole tree in the best ways and to provide another product for shoppers to consume fresh fruit,” said Hernandez.

Bringing a new product to fruition is challenging under normal circumstances, launching in the height of a pandemic speaks to the perseverance, ingenuity and belief within the team at Trinity. Hernandez said, “COVID-19 brought up a number of challenges, but we managed to continue to push the vision forward –– everyone played a significant role.”

Hernandez and Nakashian’s energy and enthusiasm for the project is easily conveyed when talking about Squeezed Juice. “The fun challenges are always the creative parts such as branding, packaging and the development of the bottle,” said Hernandez.

“Our goal was for the design [of the bottle] to be chic, timeless and modern, and we feel we accomplished that. We were inspired by the shape of an old milk bottle and wanted a bottle that felt easy to hold,” said Nakashian. “We’ve got a lot of positive feedback on the bottle design –– saying it is really eye-catching and modern.”

The team exudes pride and excitement for retailers and consumers to try the fresh-pressed juice. “Our juice provides the taste of fresh squeezed juice without the hassle,” said Hernandez.

Along with the health benefits and great taste, Nakashian recommended Squeezed Juice as a go-to mixer for a fruit-forward summer cocktail. “We are loving what we call Pomegranate Bubbles, that’s two ounces pomegranate Squeezed Juice, 1.5 ounces prosecco, 1.5 ounces club soda, 0.5 ounces simple syrup served on the rocks in wine glass, garnished with an orange twist.”

Squeezed Juice is available year-round and is currently in stores on the East and West Coasts.

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