​Top 8 Best Budget Vapes Under £45 for 2022

Mixture of Budget Vape Devices

Top 8 Best Budget Vapes Under £45 For 2022

While a top-of-the-range Sub-Ohm vape mod kit is great for huge clouds of flavour and a variety of different adjustable settings, sometimes they can stretch the purse strings more than you intended.
Particularly after you add an 18650 battery or two and a few VG e-liquids into the mix.
The flavour may be great but then again, sometimes you can find everything you need within budget with a cheaper vape kit that ticks all the boxes.
Here we look at a few options for vapers in 2022 that do everything you need but save you a few pounds in the process.

Best Vapes On A Budget For 2022

Caliburn G2

This is the ideal choice for when you need a reliable vape in a hurry, whether that’s on your work break or for a night out.
The battery 750mAh is long-lasting and charges the capacity quickly.
Meanwhile, the coils produce long-lasting flavour and the pods fill easily with a top fill design.
The Caliburn G2 replacement pods are at an affordable price of just under £4, which should only need to be replaced every couple of weeks as a minimum.
For an even easier option from Uwell, the Caliburn A2 alternative is just as good a cheap option at £16.99, with removable magnetic pods that snap off quickly for filling e-liquids efficiently with the top fill design.

Aspire Flexus Q

The Aspire Flexus Q – what can we say, other than it’s a bargain for only £19.99!
We know the brand is a reliable household name in the vaping industry that produces a range of starter kits and advanced vape mods for keen vapers.
Handy even as a backup, this smooth device that feels great in the hand and has a comfortable mouthpiece for MTL vaping is just what’s needed to steadily reduce your nicotine and assist in your quitting cigarettes goal.

Elf Bar 600 Disposable

Long term, this option can work out expensive but it’s a game-changer if you’re seeking a device that needs no setup or tampering with the settings to vape.
The Elf Bar 600 disposable is a popular choice for its wide range of flavours and smooth inhale.
For under £5 you get an MTL kit that should last all day and dispose of when you’re done.
It produces long-lasting flavour and contains up to 600 puffs.
It’s also created with a base of 2% nic salt, meaning it’s an excellent choice for heavy smokers who want to vape less frequently to replace cigarettes but need a higher strength of nicotine.
If you’re after something that’s cheaper in the long run, the Elf Bar Mate 500 is the pod kit equivalent that’s equipped with a type-c charger and doesn’t require throwing away the whole device to save a bit of extra money.

SMOK R-Kiss 2

One of the best budget vape mods for 2022 so far, the SMOK R-Kiss 2 delivers amazing cloud production and intense flavour for vapers who seek that little bit extra.
It’s what we expect after years of high-quality advanced kits from SMOK, such as the Alien or Priv range.
The R-Kiss 2 is a powerful device that can vape up to 200W for Sub-Ohm vaping – costing just under £40.
It does require two 18650 batteries – which does set you back a little price-wise but then you won’t have to charge as often because of the life expectancy.
It saves you time charging so you can vape high VG e-liquids more often on the go.
The TFV Mini V2 Tank is also an economic choice for your mod, featuring a lock mechanism to protect the tank from opening often leading to spills and no thrills from your e-liquid.

Voopoo Vmate

In terms of a cheap vape that’s easy to use, looks practical and requires very little effort to produce the vapour you need, look no further than the Voopoo VMate.
It’s a mouth to lung vaper’s dream and will help smokers adjust seamlessly to vaping.
That’s because of the low fixed wattage available which alters based on the VThru Pod you select.
The battery is a very generous 900mAh for such a small and compact device and the throat hit is excellent.
For a very low price of £13.99, you get a reliable kit that’s handy throughout the day.

GeekVape 1FC

The aim of the game with vaping is to not only cut out tobacco and other dangerous substances in a cigarette to improve your health but improve your financial well being too.
After all, a pack of cigarettes can cost upwards of £10 these days, so it’s not hard to see where your money goes this year.

What vapers aim to do is pick a kit to begin with that’s affordable, easy to use and maintain and doesn’t spend hours charged in the plug socket.
Well with the GeekVape 1FC, your prayers are answered because of its super-fast 15-minute charge.
It not only allows you to satisfy your nicotine habits whenever you need it but looks stylish too.

Nord 4

The SMOK Nord 4 vape kit has been available for just over a year now but still makes our 2022 list because it’s great value for money.
Thanks to its versatility, you can use it as a transitional device too if you want to switch from MTL vaping (the technique most beginners vapers use) to direct lung vaping if you want to produce more clouds.
The SMOK RPM coils truly deliver excellent flavour and the wattage, as well as the restriction, can be adjusted for £25.
You can read more about the kit in our extensive review.

Edge Pro

Last on the list of budget vapes is the Edge Pro, which is your ideal reasonably-priced starter kit that doesn’t require any adjustments.
It’s a simple fire button device that represents an easy option to switch from smoking.
Not too different from the dimensions of a cigarette, you can pair it with a wide range of Edge e-liquids that are available at a very decent price of only £2.50 a 10ml bottle.
If you want to know more about what makes the Edge Pro stand out as a trusty secondary device or back to basic kit for beginners, visit our review here.

While a top-of-the-range Sub-Ohm vape mod kit is great for huge clouds of flavour and a variety of different adjustable settings, sometimes they can stretch the purse strings more than you intended.

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