The Vapers New Year’s to do List

Vaper planning their new year's to do listWhat a year! As
we reach the culmination of another annum, it’s hard to know where the time has
gone. One minute you’re making big plans for the year ahead and before you know
it, like a vapour cloud pouring from your vaporizer, time helplessly evaporates
into the ether of history, and here we are back again, brimming with optimism
for the year ahead. What with all the expected partying that is so synonymous
with the season, you may well have been vaping more than you normally would and
if this is the case, you should follow this simple list of tips – a New Year’s
‘to-do’ list if you like, to help ensure you’re fit for vaping as the
forthcoming year approaches.


Like anything
in life, e cigarettes, vaporizers and any accompanying accessories will require
some necessary maintenance from time to time – especially if you’ve been using
your device more than you normally would. That drunken e liquid re-fill, while
you were queuing for the taxi after the Christmas party, has probably left some
unwanted residue, that if not attended to may limit the optimum of your vaping
experience. Cleaning kits are available to purchase which will help extend the life of your device, but if you don’t have a kit to hand, simply wiping away
any unwanted e liquid with a clean tissue will suffice in the short-term.

New Accessories

With January
sales just around the corner, save some money and pick up some extra essentials that will help see you through the year. From extra batteries and blank
cartridges to additional power adaptors and portable carry cases, having extra
accessories at your fingertips will mean that when the time eventually comes
for your battery to stop working or if your cartridges have come to the end of
their lifespan, then you’ll have a replacement ready to go, ensuring you get a
continuous and consistent vaping experience.

Stock up on E Liquid

Multiple parties later and that stockpile of e liquid
you thought was so full seems to have depleted somewhat in the past few weeks. Time
to get online and procure yourself some multipacks of premium e liquid! A great
way to save money and stay vaping, if you’re trying to remain smoke-free, then
always having your favourite flavoured e liquid on your person is paramount to avoid the temptation of a cigarette, just
because you’ve run out of juice.

Stay Focused, Stay Smoke-Free 

If you’ve
successfully steered your way through a smoke-free holiday season or even if
you’ve succumbed to a smoking relapse at some point, the promise of a New Year
provides a great opportunity to reaffirm your commitment to staying smoke-free. Keep your focus and remain faithful
to the cause. If you’ve been using the same strength of nicotine in your
e liquid, you might find that now is the time to take the next step and reduce
your levels.

In 2015 Public Health England declared e cigarettes to be up to 95% less harmful than smoking tobacco and that they have the potential to help smokers
quit and become smoke-free. 

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