Ranking Every White Claw Flavor From Worst To Best

White Claw’s original Natural Lime flavor is a highly contested option. The flavor profile is reminiscent of the green freezer pops you would devour in the summertime as a kid, which can be good or bad depending on the person. For those craving an acidic burst of fresh lime, it doesn’t deliver. However, if you like sweeter citrus, it’s the variety for you. Here’s one thing that’s not debatable: When White Claw decided to translate the controversial Natural Lime flavor into a Surge variety, it was a mistake. White Claw Surges are a disappointment all around.

Once again, the unpleasant alcohol flavor completely overpowers this drink. White Claws are loved because they are light, refreshing, and easy to drink a lot of. But the Surge Natural Lime is the antithesis of that. It’s hard to get down. Also, for a hard seltzer brand, the Surge options almost taste like lemon-lime soda that has gone flat, so it doesn’t even have the delightful bubbliness to distract us from the taste. 

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