Miller Lite’s Newest Product Is Made For Summer Cookouts

This beer-infused charcoal will only be available for a limited time. Curious grillers can head to on May 24 to grab a 4-pound bag, which costs $11.99 plus the cost of shipping. Miller will be doing several product drops through May 27, which is a very limited-time offer indeed.

Miller Lite’s Instagram post announcing the new product brought out its fans en masse to discuss Beercoal. “But are you going to call it ‘Griller Lite’????” joked one commenter. “The grill gonna be Miller lit this summer,” said another. While most of the comments were positive and excited, some people weren’t convinced. “Is this another product that you make ten of, sell out immediately, and then never make again?” asked one. Based on its response to this user, it seems that the company is hoping the additional product drops will help solve such availability issues.

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