Guide to Mixing with Nom Nomz Flavour Concentrates


Nom Nomz are a Northern Ireland based e liquid company who have developed a reputation for having premium flavours, excellent branding and a dedication to quality.

The company recently released a range of flavour concentrates (flavour shots) to allow their customers to recreate their blends at home.

Following their success in the e liquid market, we at ELFC feel that Nom Nomz will soon become a name synonymous with DIY mixing, following in the footsteps of companies like Quacks Juice Factory and Vampire Vape.

The Nom Nomz flavour concentrate range is new to us here at ELFC, so we decided to write this guide for those new to the brand.

How much flavour concentrate should you use?

Nom Nomz E Liquid recommend that you mix their flavour concentrates at 25% to replicate their pre-mixed e liquid. However, they do suggest that you can mix as low as 15%. There are a couple of exceptions to this: Irish Cocoa has a recommended mix percentage of 12-20%, and Nom Bongo has a recommended mix percentage of 10-15%.

What PG/VG ratio do we suggest?

To replicate the standard Nom Nomz pre-mixed e liquid blend, you’ll need to mix your DIY e liquid at 75% VG and 25% PG. There are two exceptions to this: Nom Bongo is 70% VG and 30% PG, and Irish Cocoa is 80% VG and 20% PG. However, as always with DIY e liquid, the flavour concentrate mix percentage, the PG/VG blend and the nicotine strength are entirely down to personal taste and preference.

How long should e liquids be left to steep?

Nom Nomz do not suggest specific steep times, but due to the use of custard, sweet and creamy flavours in most of their flavour shots, we recommend that you steep all DIY Nom Nomz e liquid for at least two weeks. The only Nom Nomz flavour concentrate that does not have a creamy/sweet flavour profile is Nom Bongo, which should be good to go after 3-5 days of steeping. As with all DIY e liquid, the steep time is dependant on various factors including the flavour profile, the PG/VG ratio, nicotine strength and many others.

Some Nom Nomz Recipes:

10ml DIY E Liquid Recipe 70VG/30PG 12mg

NomNomz Flavour Concentrate: 2.5ml

72mg Nicotine Concentrate in VG: 1.7ml

Propylene Glycol: 0.5ml

Vegetable Glycerine: 5.3ml

30ml DIY E Liquid Recipe 75VG/25PG 6mg

NomNomz Flavour Concentrate: 7.5ml

72mg Nicotine Concentrate in VG: 2.5ml

Propylene Glycol: 0ml

Vegetable Glycerine: 20ml

60ml DIY E Liquid Recipe 80VG/20PG 3mg

NomNomz Flavour Concentrate: 12ml

72mg Nicotine Concentrate in VG: 2.5ml

Propylene Glycol: 0ml

Vegetable Glycerine: 45.5ml

100ml DIY E Liquid Recipe 75VG/25PG 0mg

NomNomz Flavour Concentrate: 25ml

72mg Nicotine Concentrate in VG: 0ml

Propylene Glycol: 0ml

Vegetable Glycerine: 75ml

You can check out the entire Nom Nomz flavour concentrate range.

If you have any questions about mixing with Nom Nomz flavour concentrates, feel free to get in touch at [email protected]

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