Good Manufacturing Practice, what does it mean for your business?

We often read the features and benefits that many manufacturers shout from the rooftops.  But do we really understand what these features mean and how they benefit us?  We’ve provided a run down to help you gain a deeper understanding.

So what exactly does it mean to have GMP?

GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) is a quality control system which makes sure that every pharmaceutical product is adequately tested and dosed for optimal effectiveness. GMP also controls the quality of food, diagnostics, ingredients in drugs and food, pharmaceutical products and devices used in medicine.

In short, the GMP System is a quality approach to production and regulates the professional working conditions of its employees in the production of food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals or medical equipment and ensures reliable and effective production. GMP standards are sought in the regulations and audits of these fields.

It is a standard that includes protective measures for internal and external conditions related to the organisation, to prevent or reduce the possibility of contamination of the product from internal and external sources. This application is one of the basic approaches in the production and distribution of food products.  It is a series of techniques that must be applied continuously in raw material, processing, product development, production, packaging, storage, and distribution stages, to ensure quality in products.

Click the link for more information on regulatory requirements of GMP.

What does it mean to my customers?

In general, consumers cannot fully detect whether food, drugs or cosmetic products are safe. They are putting a huge trust in manufacturers about the effectivity of goods they are buying.

Here at Lumo Liquids and Pure Origin Group, we initiate the testing of products to attain quality. Applying Good Manufacturing Practice at various levels of production is important to you as a B2B customer, as the benefit is passed on to your direct customers.

Furthermore, we apply regulations and guidelines for every facility, equipment, and process for the design and production of goods.  We go beyond the GMP standards to ensure that every area of our manufacturing facility operates to the highest possible standard.

By following GMP standards, we obtain the best systems to produce safe and effective goods to the end-customer.

What benefit does it offer me as a business customer?

This is fairly obvious, but happy customers result in happy business owners!  By offering quality products, businesses are creating a great basis for developing a loyal customer base.  Building trust between your business and your customers is the best way of ensuring the success.

Top 5 reasons for gaining trust from your customers:

     1. Customer service
     2. Customer reviews / testimonials
     3. Honesty and transparency
     4. Responding to feedback
     5. Traceability

The benefits of GMP Good Manufacturing Practices

  • –  It also ensures compliance with legal requirements.
  • –  In this way, the possibility of encountering any penalty situation is reduced.
  • –  Any customer requests for today or in the future can be met more quickly. 
  • –  Increases awareness of production safety among employees.
  • –  The products are produced in the most accurate methods and under the right conditions and delivered to the user.
  • –  This, of course, increases the image of the company’s reliability in public opinion.
  • –  The company creates an advantage in international trade. 
  • –  Since the system also has quality management system standards, all production stages are followed, and the product is provided to reach the user in the safest way.
  • –  Relevant processes and employees are kept under control to prevent various confusion and errors during production.
  • –  It gains competitive advantage in the market against its competitors.
  • –  The motivation of the employees increases and the sense of commitment to the company increases.

What makes Lumo different?

Lumo Liquids and Pure Origin Group have been operating under the Springdew parent company, which has been working with global brands such as L’Oreal, Cadbury’s, J&J and GSK for over 25 years.  This gives Lumo and Pure Origin a huge advantage in their experience of dealing with some of the world’s biggest brands, specifically the pharmaceutical industry.

Lumo Liquids and Pure Origin have been producing innovative solutions for the vape and CBD industry in more recent years.  By keeping abreast of the latest industry news and consumer trends, the group of companies are constantly striving to innovate and invent tangible solutions for the vape and CBD markets.

Get in touch today to see how we can help you and your business.



Get in touch today to see how we can help you and your business.

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