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If you’re one of the millions of people who like a little cannabis herb once in a while, then you’ve probably come across the term ‘dabbing.’

Dabbing is a method of ingesting cannabis by heating and vaporising cannabis concentrates and inhaling the resulting smoke. When done properly, dabbing is probably one of the most potent ways to enjoy concentrates.

While you don’t need numerous pieces of equipment to get started with dabbing, there are key tools and accessories essential to such a process, one of which is a dabber tool.

Think of a dabber tool as a mini shovel, scoop, or spatula for cannabis concentrates. It allows the easy transfer of concentrates from their container to the dab rig. This prevents contamination and saves you from a messy setup.

There are a variety of dabber tools available today, especially online. So, choosing the right one can be daunting, especially for first-time dabbers. Not to worry, this article can help you figure out the best one for your dabbing style with the following tips:

1.     Match it with your rig

First off, you want to consider the type of rig you have, especially if it has an individualized tool.

A prime example is an electric dab rig with a carb cap. A carb cap acts to suppress and accurately control the airflow. Unfortunately, cap sizes aren’t universal and can vary by nail type.

This means you need to pay attention to this when buying a dabber tool. You need to make sure that the dabber tool is of the proper size and fits the rig and nail.

In addition, you want to consider the material of your rig or nail. You want to choose a dabber tool material that matches your dab rig’s material.

2.     Consider what you’re dabbing

You must match your dabber tool to the type and consistency of cannabis concentrate you intend to dab on. That said, there are three basic types of dabber tool styles designed for specific types of concentrates:

·      Needlepoints

A dabber tool with needle like tips works best for solid concentrates. This type of dabber tool makes it possible to get a precise and clean break on larger slabs, allowing you to get a more suitable dosage.

·      Ballpoints

Ballpoints have a less pointy endpoint. However, like needlepoint dabber tools, these allow you to break off or shatter large chunks of solid cannabis concentrates into smaller pieces.

·      Spoon/scoop dabbers

A spoon or scoop dabber is best suited for the more pliable or sappier cannabis concentrates such as crumbling waxes, live oil resins, and CO2 distillates. Its broad surface allows you to scoop up a dab and transfer it into the nail.

While these are the distinct types of dabbers, some sellers may offer the ‘hybrid’ tools that provide a ‘jack of all trades’ type of setup. For instance, a scoop dabber may sometimes feature a pointed tip like needlepoint that allows you to handle both loose and solid concentrates.

3.     Check the materials used

A dabber tool is made up of different materials. Essentially, you want a material that’s resistant to heat and durable. That said, there are four materials commonly used in manufacturing a dabber tool:

·      Glass

Glass is the most fragile material, but it’s highly resistant to heat. Also, most glass dabber tools are handmade, offering a creative and timeless appeal to your dabbing setup.

·      Ceramic

Ceramic is more durable than glass and also heat resistant. It’s said to deliver flavor better than metal alternatives such as titanium.

·      Titanium

If you want a dabber tool that’ll last for generations, titanium is your best choice. Titanium dabbers aren’t only durable, but they’re also lightweight, allowing for a seamless dabbing experience. Just choose the ‘medical-grade’ titanium dabbers to ensure your tool is strong and lightweight.

·      Quartz

Quartz dabber tools are the most popular. It’s durable but not that good with heat control. However, most dabbing enthusiasts prefer quartz dabber as it’s said to provide the best dabbing flavor.

4.     Look for reputable shops

It’s easy to get duped online. A seller may post a photo of a dabber tool that’s far from the actual item. Others may have misleading descriptions or use low-quality materials.

So, when shopping for a dabber tool online, stick to reputable shops online. You can find these shops with a simple online search. It’s also helpful if you can find user reviews that can vouch for the quality of the products.

Also, you can ask fellow dabbers or online communities for a discussion on where to buy a good dabber tool online for your needs.


Dabber tools are indispensable in providing the best dabbing experience possible.

As it allows hands free handling and transferring of cannabis concentrates, it maintains an untainted and high quality flavour of your dab. Plus, it gives you a clean and safe session.

That said, if you’re searching for a dabber tool through the online cannabis market for a complete dabbing setup, follow the above tips to choose the right one for your needs.

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