7 ways to keep your e-cig in good condition

So you’ve
finally found ‘the One’, 
the e-cigarette of your vapour dreams and you want to
keep it in tip top condition. Here are seven tips on making sure you can vape to
your heart’s content without poor performance or short battery life.

  • 1. Store your e-cigarette safely and responsibly.

This point
should really cover two aspects. Firstly, store vaporizer or e-cig in an upright
position to avoid flooding the air space and keep it away from water, direct
sunlight and high temperatures.

keep away from children as the mouth piece or e liquid bottles are a choking

  • 2. Keep your clearomizer and atomizer clean.

With daily
use, performance and life can decline but by removing the clearomizer from the
battery, taking the mouth piece and atomizer apart and washing with warm water,
your e cig can last longer and work considerably better.

  • 3. If you’re adjusting the centre pin.

Don’t use tweezers as this can cause a circuit short. Instead a wooden tooth pick is a good alternative.

  • 4. Don’t let your e-liquid run too low.

If your
e-liquid runs below the terminals in your atomizer, the atomizer will not be
able to draw enough liquid and this could cause it to burn out. Regularly top
up, but do not over fill.

  • 5. Replace parts every so often.

e-cigarettes and vape pens parts have a shelf life and naturally can’t last
forever. Batteries can be charged around 300 times maximum before they need
replacing, cartridges can be reused 5-10 times and with technology improving
all the time, it will become necessary to ‘move with the times’ to ensure you
are using the safest and best e-cigarette products.

  • 6. Charge your battery properly

If you
plug your battery in to charge before it is dead, you could be shortening the
battery life with some batteries. For example charging it at 20% will mean that you start to only
get 80% out of it. Avoid this and you won’t need to prematurely replace your

  • 7. For the best vape clouds.

VG e liquid is known to produce the biggest vapour clouds but the vast majority of VG e liquids need to be mixed with PG because of the viscosity – VG e liquid clogs up your tank. Use a properly designed 100% VG e liquid like
Ecovape which is made specifically for clouds and is designed not to clog up your device.

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