Why White Label Nic Salts Are Essential For Vape Brands

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Why White Label Nic Salts Matter For E-Liquid Brands

Starting your own vape brand but not sure which liquids order? White label nic salts are the answer!

White label e-liquids are becoming an essential part of any e-liquid brand. With so much competition in the UK e-liquid market, providing your customers with a greater choice of vape liquid options is essential. 

Many people start vaping as an alternative to cigarettes, so they need e-liquids with high nicotine strengths to satisfy their cravings. This is where nic salts, or salt nicotine, come into the picture.

What Are Nic Salts?

Nic salts are very similar to e-liquids, with a slight difference in how they are produced. Standard e-liquids contain what is know as ‘freebase’ nicotine, which is found in most vape juices on the market. It is isolated nicotine extracted from dried tobacco leaves and is relatively cheap to produce.

Salt nicotine, however, also contains benzoic acid (or an equivalent acid, like citric acid). This increases the bioavailability of the nicotine when it reaches the body, which means more nicotine can be absorbed per toke.

This makes nic salts ideal for those who transition to vaping to help them quit smoking. Nic salts are very common in devices like disposable vapes, which have taken the vaping market by storm in recent years.

Why You Should Offer Nic Salts To Your Customers

This offers a number of advantages for vape brands and their customers. More nicotine per toke means customers need less e-liquid to satisfy their cravings, which means they save money as their liquids will last longer.

Furthermore, many people start vaping with disposable vapes, which usually contain nic salts. So offering nic salts in e-liquid form is a great way to introduce your customers to e-liquids and flavours they are familiar with, as well as larger devices (vape pods, vape pens etc.).

Why Should Vape Brands Use White Label Nic Salts?

For vape brands, nic salts mean you can offer customers who are quitting smoking a product that is more likely to satisfy their cravings and help them transition to vaping and quit successfully. This makes nic salts a great way to attract new customers to your brand and grow your customer base, bringing in new revenue streams. 

Nic salts typically sell at a slightly higher price point than normal e-liquids, which means a higher return on investment per bottle than with standard 10ml liquids.

Where To Buy White Label Nic Salts in the UK

White label nic salts are the cheapest and easiest way to offer custom branded nic salts to your customers in a range of popular flavours. At Vape Manufacturing, we offer simple and intricate label deign options to you can create your own customised labels for your nic salts, with your own logo, branding and colour scheme. 

We offer ultra low MOQs (minimum order quantities) from as little as 24 units for bulk orders and 48 units for white label services. This means vape brands big and small can take advantage of white label nic salts for their brands at affordable wholesale prices.

Our low MOQ also gives e-liquid brands a low risk option to try new flavours or products without having to order hundreds of bottles. 

Starting Your Own Vape Brand? Read Our Beginner’s Guide

If you’re starting your own vape or e-liquid brand and need a reliable and affordable supplier of white label nic salts, e-liquids and short ills, then Vape Manufacturing is your solution.

We’ve written a simple guide to starting a vape company for you to follow that will explain what you need to start a vape brand and how to affordable source your e-liquids.

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