Why Does My DIY E Liquid Suck?

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Tue 31 May 2016

Much like building on an RDA, making your own e liquid is fairly straightforward but with room for error. At some point, most DIY vapers will have been excited to try out a new flavour they’ve mixed and then……Yuk!


There’s no shortage of problems to run into when using e-cigarettes, and having really bad tasting e liquid is right up there with breaking your tank or venting a battery when it comes to ruining your day.


With that in mind, here are 5 things that can turn your DIY e liquid into useless, offensive waste.


1: Not enough flavour

Pretty obvious, but if the recipe calls for 7ml of flavour concentrate and you’ve only added one, then it’s going to be weak sauce.


2: Too much flavour

What’s worse than not enough flavour? Well, too much flavour. Ever tried drinking a concentrated fruit juice without out diluting it? It’s bad. At least an under flavoured e liquid can be rectified by simply adding a bit more. An over flavoured e liquid is pretty much destined for the sink.


3: Too much nicotine

When using 72mg concentrated nicotine it’s important that you get the mix percentage spot on. Adding an extra ml of PG or VG usually won’t make that much difference. However, an extra ml of nicotine concentrate could turn your 3mg e liquid into 10mg. That’s some serious throat hit at 200 watts.


4: Not enough steeping

Yes we’re all excited to try new flavours, but time is our friend and sometimes a little patience is required. Sweet, creamy and custard flavours usually take the longest (up to 4 weeks) to fully steep and take on their full flavour.


5: Unclean bottles

Washing out empty bottles is probably the worst part of DIY e liquid. But getting rid of that strong menthol is important if you’re planning on putting a custard flavour in there. Also, if you’ve got new bottles, particularly glass bottles, there may be dust and oils left over from the manufacturing process. These chemicals can make an e liquid taste rubbery or metallic and need to be cleaned off before use.


Got any questions about DIY e liquid? Feel free to get in touch at [email protected].

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