Why A Vape Pod Kit Is The Ideal Vape For Your Travels This Summer

Vape pod kits are ideal for holidysIt’s easy to feel nervous about the prospect of taking a
vaping device with you when you travel. After all, you might have heard of some
of the punitive vaping laws harboured in certain parts of the world and
highlighted by
Travel Daily News, and
that’s before you consider airport rules and regulations.

However, if you’re considering heading off overseas this
summer with a vape in tow, you could benefit from opting for a vape pod kit
rather than a more conventional device. Here’s why.

Vapes on a plane

No, not a little-known Samuel L Jackson film, but instead a
situation that weaves a potentially bewildering web of regulatory implications.
Let’s start with a simple question: can you take a vape with you to the airport
and on the plane? Basically, yes, if you follow the applicable rules.

While much online advice on this subject pertains to
Transportation Security Administration (TSA) rules, rest easy that regulations
for air travel with vapes are largely identical around the world, as
Vaping360 reassures. Therefore, you
don’t have to struggle to pick up on basic rules and procedures.

Nonetheless, before you do fly, check what vaping rules your
chosen airline imposes, as well as the vaping-related laws and rules relevant
to the places you will visit. With some countries having indeed banned vaping,
even a vape pod kit might not be a viable option for you.

You can save space
with a vape pod kit

As lithium batteries can potentially cause explosions or
fires if left in the cargo hold, you will be required to carry electronic
devices and vape batteries with you on the plane instead. This rule is globally
mandated by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO).

Therefore, you are advised to take vape devices in either
your cabin luggage or a pocket. The relatively sleek size of vape pod kits
compared to more traditional vapes makes them ideal to slip even into something
as small as a pocket without leaving unsightly bulk.

While some vape pod devices come pre-filled with e-liquid,
others can be regularly replenished with liquid. For those devices, could you
leave the liquid in checked baggage? Yes, you could. However, if you pack the
bottles in a bag also containing clothes, double-bag the e-juice with
Ziploc-type bags.


If you do keep e-liquid in checked bags, you don’t have to
be careful to ensure that the bottles stay within a particular size limit. If
you take the e-liquid aboard in a carry-on bag instead, you must use a 1-quart
clear plastic bag to be removed from your luggage as you pass through security.

Another advantage of flying with a pod vape is that, due to
its size compared to a larger touchscreen vape mod, there might be less chance
of you being asked to turn it on as part of security checks. However, this
isn’t guaranteed, so remember to charge your pod vape before you head off to
the airport. In preparation, you can pick from an enticing range of
vaping kits with pods.


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