The Pros and Cons of Nic Salts for People Who Haven’t Tried Them

VSAVI Nic Salt 20mg 10ml BottleVaping is now an industry providing effective competition to the long-lasting tobacco industry. The additional, perceived health benefits of vaping, when compared to smoking tobacco products, has become (excuse the smoking-related pun!) a
big draw to people who wish to take better care of their health. 

However, since the early days of vaping we sure have come a long way to improve our customers’ vaping experiences and develop more specialised liquids and devices for our customers.

One of the latest items on the market are nic salts, which
is an abbreviation of the term nicotine salts – providing a new way of vaping
and a method of vaping that is more closely aligned with the most natural of
tobacco smoking. Like other vape and e-cigarette juices, nic salts provide a
healthier option to smoking, but provide a much more effective hit to people
who are more accustomed to smoking itself.

What are nic salts?

So, what exactly are
nic salts for vaping?
Nicotine salts are made by mixing pure nicotine with various acids to create a
more holistic and natural vape liquid. Now, I know what you’re thinking –
adding acids to our vape liquid can’t be a good thing. Nicotine salts exist
naturally in tobacco, so if you’ve ever smoked a standard cigarette, you’ve
smoked nicotine salts. Nicotine salts are unique from standard free base
nicotine because their extraction from freebase nicotine and their mixture with
other acids reduces their PH level providing a much smoother and less harsh vaping
experience for the customer – and this ultimately means that there’s less
chance of irritation or a sore throat while vaping.

What are the pros of
nic salts?

When we’re talking about nicotine salts, we’re sure you want
to know how exactly they are better than standard cigarettes and vapes. Nic
salts use a more purified, free-base nicotine composite within the liquid that
are said to create a much smoother and less harsh taste while vaping. Here are
just a few of the benefits that vaping nic salts could have for you:

  • Because of their low Ph level Nic Salts are said
    to provide a much less harsh burning sensation on the throat when vaping, this
    is down to the higher concentration of nicotine within the nic salts substance.
  • Nic Salts create an all-round more efficient
    vaping experience as they allow the nicotine within your liquid to be released
    more purely and efficiently giving you that dosage you require from each vape.
    In the long-run this can save you money on your vaping purchases as you’re
    using less nic salts per vape while still experiencing a purer vape each time
    you blow out those big clouds.
  • Nic salts are said to be one of the best options
    out there for replacing tobacco effectively while remaining healthier than
    standard tobacco cigarettes and more enjoyable than freebase nicotine.
    Providing a similar sensation to standard tobacco but with a higher
    concentration of nicotine.

Where can I purchase
nic salts?

Pure E-Liquids stock a selection of nic salts perfect for
all your vaping requirements and are designed to enhance your vaping
experience. While providing a vaping experience much closer to that of a
standard cigarette, without all the carcinogens and harmful chemicals, nicotine
salts allow for a much smoother taste and less harshness on the throat. This is
down to the lowered pH level of the salts in comparison to standard vape
liquids and a one-up on the standard freebase nicotine vapes that you’ve grown
accustomed to.

Nic Salts are available from Pure E-Liquids in a number of
different sizes and flavours with the coffee and strawberry milk flavour being
some of the most popular choices out there. You’re still getting all the familiarities
that come with a tobacco smoking experience but albeit in a much healthier and
efficient way.


Hopefully you’ve found enough information within this guide
to ensure that you can make a qualified decision when it comes to nicotine
salts. There’s no doubt that nicotine salts are the future when it comes to
vaping and allowing you to blow larger clouds without experiencing the
irritation that come with other less developed vapes. Take a look across our
website to find out more about some of the vapes we offer as well as a range of
nic salts that are on sale within our online store.

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