The Importance of Finding Your Favourite E-Liquid Flavour

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As the year
nears its conclusion and New Years’ resolutions begin to be considered, you may
be thinking that the time has finally come to ditch the tobacco and
switch to e-cigarettes. Perhaps you’ve already forged ahead and have already begun your
vaping adventure? Whatever your current standing when it comes to smoking, to
make sure you stay on the road to becoming smoke-free and get the very best
when it comes to your vaping experience, one of the most important things to
get right at the beginning is
finding your favourite flavour of e-liquid.

Enjoying your E-cigarette

The premise
of your desire to ditch the cigarettes may, of course, be a health-conscious one, albeit, a desire held by
many a tobacco smoker over the years to quell their insatiable addiction to nicotine and sugar (tobacco
contains 20% sugar, half a teaspoon per cigarette). As much as you want to quit
smoking, there’s no hiding the monumental effort required to stay on track and
remain smoke-free. We hear you.

something to abate your cravings and satisfy the habitual tactility of holding
something in your hand together with the inhaling and exhaling of something in
your mouth has been a scarcity until the introduction of e-cigarettes and
subsequent vaporiser devices.

When it comes
to ensuring a prolonged vaping experience, free from a return to tobacco,
making sure you enjoy your e-cigarette experience is one of the most important
elements to take into consideration.

However, it’s
not as simple as popping into a shop and asking the shopkeeper for your
favoured brand of a select few cigarettes choices available to you. Enter the
world of e-cigarettes and a colourful cacophony of e-liquid options are
presented to you. Where do you start?

Start small
and try a sample pack of flavours, such as Vapour2’s Platinum E-liquid Tobacco
and Menthol Sampler, and a
Platinum E-liquid
Sweet and Fruity E-Liquid Sampler. Together, you’ll be able to try a range of flavours that include traditional
tobacco tastes that you’ll already be accustomed to, as well as some sweeter
options such as; grape, cherry, cola and more. These additional flavours work
to combat the sugar withdrawal from cigarettes that we mentioned earlier.

Finding your
favourite flavoured e-liquid is about making sure you stay satisfied with your
e-cigarette and your overall vaping experience. If at first, you falter, it’s feasible that you may decide that vaping
isn’t for you – stay strong, keep with it and try to find a few different
flavours that work for you.

A Quality E-cigarette

Like a kid in
the confectionary aisle, the most colourful and excitingly named e-liquids may
seem like a tempting choice to make. If you’re making the move to vaping for
the sake of your health, shouldn’t all the elements of your e-cigarette
experience match your new found enthusiasm for your finely fettled future self?
Vapour2 Premium E-Liquid uses the very
highest standards of flavourings and ingredients that leave no nasty aftertaste after you’ve finished vaping.

Beware of Vapers Tongue

Feeling like something’s not quite right? If you vape using
the same flavour consistently, a fairly common occurrence is something called
‘vapers tongue’ – this is when you start to lose the taste of your vapour and
generally feel a little under the weather.

Ever so
slightly misleading, ‘vapers tongue’ actually refers to your olfactory sensors
in your nose becoming clogged up. Easily remedied, simply make sure you drink
lots of water and as we mentioned previously, try and find a select few
flavours to rotate when you vape, this will ensure your olfactory sensors react
with a variety of flavours rather than becoming oversaturated with an influx of

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