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Thu 7 Dec 2017

So, we are going as far back as 2014 here, when I was a novice vaper. I’d started with my little aspire pen and was raring to go with quitting smoking.

I soon found myself back on the fags, after tirelessly scouring the land for an e-liquid just right for me. So many companies, so many flavours – PG or VG? I felt as if I was in a different world, confused and dumbfounded by all of the different options available to me. It was easier to start smoking again!

There I was, sat outside my local pub, freezing cold, puffing away on my cancer stick. I felt at a loss walking back in, the stale and fresh smoke mixed in with my Chanel perfume. Was I ever going to be able to kick the habit? It seemed the answer would be no, as I’d gone as far as America to finding the liquid just right for me, without much success!

The years have dragged on and I was still a slave to cigarettes, dabbling every now and again in the vaping world, getting nowhere with kicking the habit, when I came across ‘Punk Juice‘. Now, the name struck me, but, that’s what you’d expect – a punchy name just draw in your audience. I gave it a go, why not? At least I’ve tried?

Well, what a great choice that was. I’m now 2 months smoke free, with my favourite juices being Vicious and Clash! They have the perfect menthol hit with a wonderful undertone of berries.

I’ve gone from being a smelly, skint slave, to a healthier, richer, smoke free person – all thanks to Punk Juice. I’ve kicked a habit which was costing me over £3000 a year, thanks to this funky little juice.

If you’re a smoker reading this, trust me, you will find your flavour, you will kick the habit and you will be happier, healthier and richer for making that choice.


Written by new vaper Bethany Worsnop


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