Simple Guide to Vaping Terminology

If you are anything like I was and indeed the vast majority of new vaping aficionados you may be confused and surprised by the amount of new information you need. Its not just a case of pick up an ecig and off you go, at least not anymore.
But you have nothing to fear here I will go through all the standard terminology and attempt to answer and lingering questions you have.
Mouth to Lung
For those of you about to quit cigs we salute you
If you are trying to give up the cigs the best way is to go MTL which means mouth to lung, exactly like a regular cig, you draw the vapor into your mouth then inhale into your lungs, that will give you the “throat hit” smokers need, of course that is very dependant of the strength of nicotine in your e liquid, I have found my level at 6mg.
The MTL experience can only be replicated in an “above ohm” tank….we will get into sub-ohm a little later, above ohm tanks such as the smok brit mini or the aspire nautilus x will provide the throat hit usually with a 50/50 mix of vg (vegetable glycerin) and pg (propylene glycol) which are used to suspend the flavor and nicotine in e liquids, ratio mixes can upped or dropped one way or another depending on your experience.
There are of course multitudes of various tanks for the purpose of mouth to lung vaping and will require some research on your part, be that via the internet or your local neighbourhood vape store.
Direct to Lung
The sub-ohm vaping experience is vastly different to to MTL, sub ohm vaping is almost exclusivley direct to lung which involves taking the vapor straight to your lungs just like breathing in, in addition sub-ohm vaping requires a variable wattage mod which is the devices that contains the batteries almost all “mods” are variable in wattage these days so its not a problem, however to be a cloud blowing king you need a device capable of heading up to 80 90 100 watts or more, generally my mods are set at 65-75 watts depending on tanks, again some research legwork is required on your part.
Which Tank
There are so many I cant possibly choose
When it comes to tanks there are a lot….a real lot, but crucially a high percentage are very much the same and every company will tell you that their particular tank is the best for flavor and cloud production so don’t get demoralised by the variety.

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