One Shot vs. Basic DIY E Liquid Flavour Concentrates

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Tue 2 Aug 2016

In the world of DIY e liquid, there are two types of flavour concentrates: One Shot and Basic. Both are great for saving money over pre-mixed e liquid, but offer different styles of DIY mixing.


With that in mind, we decided to take a lot at both One Shot and basic flavour concentrates, examining the pros and cons so you can decide which is best for you.


What is a One Shot flavour concentrate?


One Shot flavour concentrates are blended flavours designed to be used on their own and are often based on an already popular e liquid flavours such as Heisenberg or Goose Juice.


What are the benefits of One Shot flavour concentrates?


The first benefit of One Shot flavour concentrates is ease of use. You don’t need to use a combination of flavour concentrates to achieve the flavour you want. Simply add the recommended mix percentage of the One Shot flavour concentrate to you prefered VG, PG and nicotine mix and you’re good to go. The second main benefit of One Shot flavour concentrates is that they’re a guaranteed hit. If you already enjoy Pinkman e liquid, for example, then you know that you’ll like the flavour concentrate.


What are the disadvantages of One Shot flavour concentrates?


They only real downside of One Shot flavour concentrates is price. They are usually a bit more expensive than Basic flavour concentrates because they have been blended to create the flavour. However, they’re still much, MUCH more cost effective than pre-mixed e liquid.


What is a Basic flavour concentrate?


Basic flavour concentrates are single flavours designed to be mixed with other flavour concentrates to create the overall blend. However, there’s no harm in using them by themselves.


What are the benefits of Basic flavour concentrates?


The two main benefits of Basic flavour concentrates are cost and versatility. Basic flavour concentrates are often cheaper than One Shot concentrates and they offer DIY mixers the ability to create their own blended flavours to suit their tastes.


What are the disadvantages of Basic flavour concentrates?


The one main downside to Basic flavour concentrates is the risk of creating bad blended flavours. If you’ve mixed a strawberry vanilla cream flavour but the resulting e liquid doesn’t taste very good because you’ve used too much of one thing and not enough of another, then the whole bottle is a waste and you’ll have to start over.


Some of our One Shot flavour concentrates:


Goose Juice, Heisenberg, WoW, Strawberrino, The Godfather, Sunny Malone, Red Tab, Monsoon, Pinkman, Gizzard Juice.


Some of our Basic flavour concentrates:


Pineapple, Bilberry, Coconut, Custard, Fresh Cream, Orange, Blackcurrant, Vienna Cream, Strawberry, PomegranateLicorice.


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