Transparent Labs Whey Protein Review (2022 Update)

We tried Transparent Labs’ Grass-Fed Whey Protein Concentrate for ourselves, but we wanted to bring you along on the journey. Based in Utah, Transparent Labs makes a wide variety of sports nutrition supplements, all of which are totally free from artificial ingredients. Of course, the company’s biggest strength may be their transparency: Not only are all […]

E-cigarette users are accidentally smoking concentrated food flavouring drops and leaving poor reviews on Amazon | The Independent

People are mistakenly vaping food flavouring then giving it terrible ratings on Amazon because it doesn’t deliver their expected nicotine high. A Twitter user spotted the array of one-star reviews for generic food flavouring drops on the online retail site, and decided to take a closer look. Rob Whisman tweeted: “It’s fun looking up concentrated […]

Pop-Tarts Has A New Mystery Flavor, So Concentrate On The Taste Of The Filling

Photo credit: Kellogg’s From Frosted Blueberry to Brown Sugar Cinnamon, you’ve probably had your fair share of Pop-Tarts flavors. Little did you know that all those bites were leading up to this moment: Your chance to guess Pop-Tarts Mister E, the mystery-flavored pastries from Kellogg’s. Mister E is the brand’s world-class investigator and title character […]

Beverage concentrates enhancing flavor and functional options | 2019-11-13

CHICAGO — Reduced packaging and not paying to ship water are the two most significant benefits to using beverage concentrates. This is true for both consumers and processors, with the form and variety of concentrates evolving as nutritional and taste preferences change. While retailers continue to stock frozen juice and cocktail concentrates, it’s nothing compared to […]

Sweethaven Tonics – Connect Business Magazine

When the pandemic sent schools into distance learning mode, seventh-grade English teacher Leah Treleven found herself looking for a creative outlet at home. “I don’t bake, so I went to the kitchen and decided to make some craft cocktail and mocktail concentrates as gifts for my family,” Treleven said. The cocktail concentrates she created were […]

Launch Chapel Hill startups ready to venture out

On any given day at Launch Chapel Hill, you’ll find local entrepreneurs immersed in the daily grind, intently plugging away at vital work. One team huddled in a corner developing its technology. Another in a conference room bouncing around ideas: brainstorming, business planning and reviewing customer feedback. And, of course, founders engaged in pitch-prep sessions. […]

Foragers relish delicacy with short season

A North American wild allium, ramps have an achingly brief, blink-or-you’ll miss-them season. Also known as wild leeks or wild onions, ramps flourish briefly in April and May. Foragers find them in wooded and undeveloped areas. You can find them at specialty produce markets, farmers markets and on restaurant menus. Intensely onion-y/garlic-y, ramps are a […]

Forager Kids Cashewmilk Yogurt Pouches Reviews & Info

Squeezable dairy-free yogurt can be hard to find. But Forager Project is making it a little bit easier with their latest product release. Forager Kids Cashewmilk Yogurt pouches are made specifically for tots, age 3 and up, and are now available nationwide in three fruity flavors. Forager Kids Cashewmilk Yogurt Pouches Squeeze onto Store Shelves […]