​Is Innokin Kroma Sub Ohm?

Woman Exhaling Vapour CloudThe rise of the vape community in recent years has created
an unprecedented amount of people starting vaping not because they require the
nicotine but because vaping simply seems like a cool thing to do. The rich
flavours and big clouds of smoke are something that couldn’t really be generated
from your standard cigarettes and with the health issues related to smoking a
prominent talking point within the industry, this pronounces vaping as the
healthier more modern option for people looking to quit smoking and take up

One of the latest trends within the vaping community is the
growth of the term that has become known as sub-ohming. As more and more vapers
look to create huge clouds of vapour and search for deeper, riches flavours of
vape, sub-ohming helps create just that. Rather than increasing the battery
capacity of our vapes, we’re simply altering the ohm resistance within the coil
of our vapes, allowing for higher temperatures to be experienced which results
in larger clouds of vapour, while vaping. This guide will take a look at some
of Innokin’s leading products, most specifically the Innokin Kroma and its
sub-ohm capabilities. Read onto find out more about the vibrant world of vaping

Who are Innokin?

Innokin are one of the leading brands within the vaping
industry with over 70 patents associated with their name. They have become a
harbinger of great vaping products that have revolutionised the industry mixing
quality firmware and design with modern technology to help improve the vaping
experience of their loyal customers. From standard vapes to an essential range
of advanced modification kits and coils Innokin are truly on the ball when it
comes to providing the goods for their sub-ohm loving customers.

The versatility of the Innokin’s products means that they
are perhaps some of the simplest vapes to use, simply apply your favourite vape
liquid, adjust your wattage and vape away. Another benefit of the Innokin vape
technology is that they are proven to be more economically and environmentally
friendly because of the efficiency created by their modern technology.
Providing solid reliability for long term use, the products available at
Innokin mean that you’re no longer required to go to further expense replacing
your temporary e-cig.

Let’s take a further a look at one of Innokin’s best
products and its sub-ohm capabilities. We’ll go into the specifics of
sub-ohming and the science behind the trend a little bit later, but first it
would help to know the device your using and how to operate it safely as well
as what beneficial features you can expect from this modern vape.

What is the Innokin

Innokin Kroma
is one of the latest vapes to be released by Innokin and is on the cutting-edge
of vape technology, striking a common duality between modern vaping trends,
technology and contemporary stylistic modernity. The Innokin Kroma is the
latest release from Innokin and comes as an upgrade on the hugely popular and
bestselling Kroma vaporiser. The Kroma A is an ultra-compact vaporiser with 54
watts of temperature control power.

One of the best features about the Kroma is its Crios Tank
that allows for huge clouds to be produced and deep rich flavours to be
experienced especially considering it’s such a small device. These capabilities
make the device perfect for modification as well as sub-ohming and possesses
the ability to vape while charging. The
scope for upgrade with this vape is huge, meaning you can upgrade and adapt
your vape depending on your preferences, opting for a range of different coils
and battery capacities to help customise your vaping experience in a way that
fits you.

Choose from a selection of colours and styles with the Kroma
vape coming in sleek colours of black, white, blue, red, and green. Don’t miss
out on these innovative vaping products featuring some of the industries best

What do we mean by
sub ohm in relation to vaping?

is a fairly new trend within the vaping world and is something that
vape developers are beginning to take notice of. When you’re purchasing your
vape you may notice that within the instruction manual there’ll be information
about the coil of the vape, followed by a figure and symbol. This is the ohm
symbol and relates to the unit of electricity used to denounce the resistance
between two electrical components. In the case of a vape, we’re talking about
the points of resistance between the wattage of the battery and the heating of
the liquid. The hotter the e-liquid can become, the larger the vapour clouds
and deeper the vape flavours are going to be.

Some of you may prefer to be discreet about the way you vape
and look to stick to the standard size of vape clouds, how every if you’re one
of these people who likes to blow large clouds and all sorts of shapes then the
Kroma from Innokin could just be the product for you.

The term Ohm was first coined in the 18
th century
by the German physicist George Simon Ohm who discovered the resistance when
developing early models of the telegraph system. Keep a look out for the ohm
symbol which should seem quite family as the traditionally horseshoe styled
omega symbol. The higher the ohm value of your vape, the bigger the clouds are
going to be. Most vapes however, have a standard default ohm rating of between
1.5 and 3 ohms.

Is the Innokin Kroma
Sub Ohm?

The Innokin Kroma does have
sub-ohm capabilities that allow
you to vary the size of your vapour clouds depending on what type of vaping
experience you’re looking for. Choose between different settings on your vape
and alter the vapour flow between 6 and 75 watts of battery capacity. Depending
on the setting you have your vape on determines how big your clouds will be,
but they will never not be tasty and flavourful.

If the standard 75 watt maximum, simply isn’t enough for
your vaping requirements then there’s a selection of vape modifications and
additional coils you can purchase to help reduce the resistance and ohm rating
of your vape. The modern design of the Kroma coupled with its cutting-edge
technology means that it’s compatible with many other Innokin products that
help when looking to do some sub-ohming. It couldn’t be simpler to change the
coil on your vape and is an ease case of screwing and unscrewing, we always
advise customers to take a quick read of their instruction manual so they are
familiar with the components and safety precautions that should be made while
using their Kroma vape.

Tips for maintaining
your Innokin Kroma?

It’s vital that whether you’re new to vaping or you’re a
seasoned veteran of the vaping world that you understand the best ways to
maintain and clean your vape to ensure that you will be able to experience the
best vaping experience possible. From learning how to replace the e-liquid on
your vape, to replacing coils and upgrading firmware, the instruction manual
that comes with your device should tell you everything you need to know.

Always ensure that when you’re reapplying your vape, you’re
screwing the components back to the vape securely to ensure that know e-liquid
has the opportunity to leak while vaping. This leakage of high-temperature vape
e-liquid can lead to burns or in the worst case scenarios the explosion of the

If you’re a newbie to the vaping world then you may be
unfamiliar with the different components of your vape and what they actually
do. Firstly, we have the tank, this is the part that you fill with e-liquid and
is combined with the atomiser as a single unit. Secondly, we have the coil. The
coil is responsible for providing that vital middle ground between the battery
and the liquid and providing that essential component of electrical resistance
to heat the liquid in preparation for vaping. This is the main component when
it comes to sub-ohming. Lastly, we have the battery. This is the main power
source of your device and in advanced vapes like Innokin will have temperature
gauges and a variety of additional features.

Is Sub Ohm vaping

Since vaping first became popular, the safety of vaping has
often been called into question with many researchers and statisticians saying
that any negative effects of vaping have yet to be proven or discovered.
they do provide significantly higher health benefits in relation to your
standard tobacco products
according to the NHS.

You will have seen in the news recently about exploding
vapes and users experiencing burns. This is often caused by faulty or
incorrectly assembled vapes that have overheated. When considering the safety
of sub-ohming there is no harm in the size of the clouds it’s simply always a
good idea to ensure that your vape doesn’t overheat. However, overheating is
lessened when using modern equipment like the Kroma that are capable of dealing
with different wattages and resistances.

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