Introducing Some New Flavour Concentrates from Vampire Vape

Introducing Some New Flavour Concentrates from Vampire Vape thumbnail

Thu 9 Mar 2017

Vampire Vape has been a brand synonymous with blended or ‘one shot’ flavour concentrates for a while now. Their flagship products such as Heisenberg and Pinkman have become mainstays in the DIY e liquid world, and pretty much every seasoned DIY mixer will have either heard of or tried some of their concentrates.

Today we’re happy to introduce you to a new range of flavour concentrates recently released by Vampire Vape.


Blood Sukka Flavour Concentrate


Blood Sukka

Mouth watering combination of cherries, berries, aniseed, menthol, eucalyptus and red fruits.



Dark Passenger Flavour Concentrate

Dark Passenger

Aniseed, blackcurrant and licorice mix with a twist!



Fantasy Flavour Concentrate


Forrest fruit mixture with a cooling exhale.



King's Fool Flavour Concentrate

King’s Fool

Cooling gin and tonic flavour with a wedge of lemon.



Rainbow Skull Flavour Concentrate

Rainbow Skull

Mixed citrus fruit with extra bite!



Tiger Ice Flavour Concentrate

Tiger Ice

Icy mint with complementary vanilla and toffee.

You can check out the entire range of Vampire Vape flavour concentrates.


If you have any questions about mixing with Vampire Vape flavour concentrates, feel free to get in touch at [email protected]

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