How to Update Smok X-Priv Firmware

Two Smok X-Priv Devices

How To Update Smok X-Priv Firmware

Love to vape with the latest technology? If you are the proud owner of the beautiful box mod that is the Smok X-Priv, you’ll be well aware of the benefits that this super stylish vaporizer will bring to the table.

Sleek and sexy, this powerful device provides a personalised experience to suit your individual preferences via the latest in intelligent technologies. But what happens when the latest isn’t the latest anymore?
Let’s take a look at how to update the firmware in your SMOK X-Priv.

What Is Firmware?

Firmware is the name used to describe the permanent software found in any advanced vaporisers, including the SMOK X-Priv.
It provides the intelligence behind anything from setting the temperature of your device and recording your puff count, to lighting up your led screen and indicating how much battery life you have left.
Like the majority of devices that include digital technologies, it’s the key to your overall experience.

Why Should I Upgrade My Firmware?

From setting a puff limiter to adjusting airflow, the SMOK X-Priv will monitor your habits and save the data to its memory via the devices mini-computer.
Such is the constant and exponential evolution of technology it’s somewhat inevitable that improvements in functionality to devices are made regularly.
While you might not own the latest device, when the odd technological advancement is made, you’ll still be able to utilise the benefits.

By connecting your device to your computer or laptop, you’ll soon be able to update and upgrade the inner workings of your device, providing you with a better vaping experience.
Upgrading your firmware will also fix any bugs or glitches that might have been picked up in the post-production process.

How To Update And Upgrade The Smok X-Priv

You’ll often hear if there have been any updates to devices online, so to begin with, you should simply search for the ‘latest SMOK X-Priv Firmware Upgrade’ on the SMOK website.
If you’re unable to find the link, you can email Smok directly requesting the link.
Results will typically yield a link and it’s this link that will store the desired firmware upgrade you need.
Simply follow this step-by-step guide and your SMOK X-Priv will soon be updated with the latest and greatest technologies, ready to provide you with the best possible vaping experience.

  1. For ease, using a laptop or desktop computer will provide the easiest and most visible way to upgrade your device.
  2. Download the latest firmware upgrade file from the link that you’ve found.
  3. Open the compressed file and drag the file to your desktop.
  4. Extract the file from the compressed file to your desktop.
  5. Open the extracted folder, which will typically contain 3 files; a configuration file, a programming tool and a hex file. Click on the programming tool and run it as an administrator. A pop-up window will appear.
  6. Take your SMOK device and remove the batteries.
  7. Press and hold the fire button on your device and keep it held down throughout the process. Do not let go.
  8. Take the micro-USB cable and insert into port found on the front of your device. Insert the other end into one of the ports found on your computer.
  9. You should hear a noise indicating connectivity between devices.
  10. On the pop-up window, click ‘connect’. If successful, it will say connected.
  11. Your computer will probably be looking for a certain type of file. Make sure you change the file type that it’s searching for to hex, which will yield the file you’ve just downloaded. Double click the file and make sure it’s the right file.
  12. Load your file by clicking the ‘APROM’ button. Remember to keep your fire button held down at all times.
  13. Then click ‘start’. Once completed it will let you know if your upgrade has been successful.

If you have any questions, never hesitate to contact our friendly team, who can offer any advice you might need.

Love to vape with the latest technology? If you are the proud owner of the beautiful box mod that is the Smok X-Priv, you’ll be well aware of the benefits that this super stylish vaporizer will bring to the table.

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