How to make your own e-liquid

How to make your own e-liquid

There are three materials required to make your own liquid: empty bottle, flavor, and base liquid.


At this shop, it is possible to make three types of e-cigarettes: empty bottles , base liquids , and flavored fragrances .
Although it is not sold at Cocokara, I would like you to purchase a bottle used for filling base liquids such as glycerin .

The large bottle on the far left of the above picture, which can be purchased at 100-yen shops, etc., is recommended as a bottle with a nozzle at the tip as thin as possible.
How to make your own e-liquid


★ Convenient tool for making vape liquid

○ Syringe / Syringe (Syringe)

How to make your own e-liquid

It’s not always necessary, but it comes in handy. This can also be purchased at 100-yen shops. Smaller syringes have a slightly larger inner diameter and lower piping resistance, so suction is stronger and recommended.
* With a large syringe, when sucking a highly viscous solution, a vacuum is created in the tube and it cannot be sucked well.

○ Glass beaker

How to make your own e-liquid
This is not always necessary, but it is convenient if you purchase it in large quantities, a glass beaker with fine scales is recommended, this can be purchased at home improvement stores, etc., cooking It is possible to use a plastic container that is often used in such cases, but we recommend using glass because the scale may disappear if used repeatedly.

○ Graduated cylinder

How to make your own e-liquid

It’s not always necessary, but glass beakers and measuring cups for home use that are generally sold are not accurate on the approximate scale, and that’s where the graduated cylinder comes in. If you really want to make your own liquid by mixing it accurately in ml units, it is a little expensive, but please consider it!

○ Ice tray

How to make your own e-liquid

When you try a small amount of the flavor you bought for the first time, we recommend the ice tray that is sold for 100 yen evenly!

If you try several flavors in small quantities, you will have to make, wash and repeat, and if you have an ice tray, you can try several flavors at once with a small amount, making it easier to make your own liquid!

○ Cappuccino mixer

How to make your own e-liquid

This cappuccino mixer comes in handy when you make your own liquid!
The original usage is to whisk cappuccino, but it is the perfect size for stirring a small amount of self-made liquid, and the price is reasonable and it is also sold at 100-yen shops.

It is very convenient if you put it in a measuring cup and make your own, so bring it with you!

○ Digital scale

How to make your own e-liquid

Making liquid is a battle against the small numbers of a few ml, and this digital scale comes in handy at such times!

It is sold at home improvement stores for around 1,000 yen. It can be said that it is indispensable if you want to reproduce the same liquid. It is converted at 1 ml = 1 g. Strictly speaking, it changes slightly depending on the specific weight of the flavor.

Depending on the flavor, 1 ml = 1.2 g may be used, but since this is a milliliter-based concept, it can be accurately reproduced by completing the recipe in grams.

Place the measuring cup on the digital scale, display it as 0, and count the flavors in grams to make the liquid.

Let’s make the digital scale as accurate as possible, and I want an accuracy of about 0.1g.


How to make your own liquid

Once you have all the ingredients, it’s time to start making liquids!

① Inject glycerin-based liquid into a large bottle

How to make your own e-liquid

First, fill a large bottle (purchased at 100%) with a self-acting base liquid, this time using glycerin base 70 .
After filling, shake well to let the base liquid blend in. The base liquid may turn white, but please be assured that there is no problem in use.

* See this article for how to choose a base liquid.

② Put the base liquid in an empty bottle for vape

How to make your own e-liquid

After shaking well, fill an empty bottle of your favorite size with the base liquid, this time using a 10 ml bottle of Cocokara .
When filling the base liquid, add it slowly. (The base liquid is a very viscous solution, so if you fill it in a hurry, it will overflow.)

* One thing to note here is that you should calculate the amount of flavor to add and add glycerin liquid a little.

How to make your own e-liquid
How to make your own e-liquid
How to make your own e-liquid
How to make your own e-liquid

* The above picture is a guideline for the ratio of base liquid and flavor.
The bottles listed are guidelines for bottles sold at Cocokara. Other bottles may have different inner diameters and bottle thicknesses, so this is just for reference. List of Cocokara bottles .

As a guide, the flavor ratio should be approximately 10 to 20% of the total.

Some flavors have a strong taste depending on the type, so it is important to check the taste of the flavor you made first, so it is safe to make a small amount if you make a mistake.

If you are making your own liquid for the first time, the following ratios are recommended!
Total liquid ・ ・ ・ 5ml
Base liquid ・ ・ ・ 4ml
Flavor (20%) ・ ・ ・ 1ml (15-20 drops

* The following is a recipe with a flavor ratio of 20%. Do not try to make a large amount of flavors for the first time, but start from a small amount, and if you gradually make a large amount, mistakes will decrease, a list of mass production methods and flavor ratios Is described in another article.

How to make your own e-liquid

③ Put the glycerin liquid in an empty bottle and fill it with flavor!

How to make your own e-liquid

Put your favorite flavor directly into an empty bottle, this time filling it with energy drink flavor .

Flavors have their own individuality, such as those with a strong taste and those with a strong scent.
* At first, do not mix multiple flavors, check the taste of a single substance, and then add different flavors to make your own liquid!
I also recommend that you keep a note of what you put in and how much you put in, even though you could make your favorite liquid, you will not be able to reproduce it.

Estimated instillation of Cocokara flavor
1 drop ・ ・ ・ 0.05ml
1ml ・ ・ ・ 20 drops
2ml ・ ・ ・ 40 drops

④ After filling the flavor, attach the eye drop nozzle and shake lightly.
How to make your own e-liquid

⑤ Complete with the cap attached!

How to make your own e-liquid

Cocokara’s bottle cap uses child lock + safety lock. When closing the cap, push it down strongly and turn it.

Shake the bottle well at the end, it may become cloudy here as well, but it is temporary so you don’t have to worry about it. This is all you need to do to get the base liquid and flavor to blend in well, and you’re done!

Basically, once you have all the ingredients, it’s not difficult, then I will try various combinations with the flavor that suits me. In Cocokara, the standard of flavor is written, so it was suitable for me based on that. Please prepare the liquid.

This time I explained the basics of making self-made liquids, and more details are described on the page of liquid self-made information , so please have a look!

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