Guide to Mixing with e-Motions Flavour Concentrates

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Sun 2 Oct 2016

We stock a whole lot of FlavourArt flavour concentrates here at ELFC. Most of these are the Basic Concentrates, designed to be mixed together to create a blended flavour. But we also offer a range of premium One Shot flavour concentrates by FlavourArt, this is the e-Motions line.

You can find out the differences between basic and blended flavour concentrates in our guide.

FlavourArt have been in the e liquid flavour business for many years, they provide flavour concentrates to many of the big e liquid manufacturers, and have developed a reputation for high quality, safety and value.

We currently stock all 13 one shot flavour concentrates from the e-Motions range (including the Artists Touch Collection), and this simple guide will explain how to mix great tasting e liquid using these concentrates.

How much flavour concentrate should you use?

Much like the standard FlavourArt flavour concentrate range, the e-Motions concentrates are stronger than many other brands. The industry standard is around 20%, but we suggest using between 3 and 10% when it comes to the e-Motions range. This means that these concentrates are very good value, with a 10ml bottle going a long way. As with all flavour concentrates, it’s better to start low (3-5%) and work up or down from there. Using too much e-Motions concentrate can make your final mix overpowering and unpleasant.

What PG/VG ratio do we suggest?

Because of the versatility of FlavourArt concentrates, the PG/VG ratio isn’t particularly important to the flavour quality when using the e-Motions range. If you do want to replicate FlavourArt’s pre-mixed e liquid, then you can use a 60PG/40VG ratio for the traditional blend, or a 80VG/20PG ratio for the Velvet Cloud blend.

How long should e liquids be left to steep?

This really depends on the flavour concentrate you are using. For example, Aurora has a recommended steep time of 3-5 days, whereas Labyrinth has a much longer recommended steep time of 10-14 days. All of the flavour concentrates we stock have a recommended steep time.

Some e-motions by FlavourArt recipes:

10ml DIY E Liquid Recipe 60PG/40VG 18mg

e-Motions Flavour Concentrate: 0.7ml

Nicotine Concentrate 72mg in VG: 2.5ml

Propylene Glycol: 5.3ml

Vegetable Glycerine: 1.5ml

10ml DIY E Liquid Recipe 50PG/50VG 12mg

e-Motions Flavour Concentrate: 0.5ml

Nicotine Concentrate 72mg in VG: 1.7ml

Propylene Glycol: 4.5ml

Vegetable Glycerine: 3.3ml

30ml DIY E Liquid Recipe 70VG/30PG 6mg

e-Motions Flavour Concentrate: 2.7ml

Nicotine Concentrate 72mg in VG: 2.5ml

Propylene Glycol: 6.3ml

Vegetable Glycerine: 18.5ml

30ml DIY E Liquid Recipe 80VG/20PG 3mg

e-Motions Flavour Concentrate: 2.5ml

Nicotine Concentrate 72mg in VG: 1.3ml

Propylene Glycol: 3.5ml

Vegetable Glycerine: 22.7ml


Check out our range of e-Motions flavour concentrates by FlavourArt.


If you have any questions about mixing with e-Motions flavour concentrates, feel free to get in touch at [email protected].


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