ELFC Welcomes Nom Nomz! – E Liquid Flavour Concentrates

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Fri 11 Nov 2016

It’s always great to see new brands joining us here at ELFC. Today we welcome the flavour concentrates range from Nom Nomz e liquid.

Nom Nomz e liquid is very popular and critically acclaimed, and now you can create your own Nom Nomz e liquid with their high quality and very well presented range of flavour concentrates.

Check out the entire range of Nom Nomz flavour concentrates here.

Nom Nomz flavour concentrates come in 30ml bottles, and at just £8.99, are excellent value too!

Nom Nomz Flavour Concentrates List:

Blue Cheese (Cheesecake, Biscuit, Blueberry)

Creme Anglaise (Vanilla Custard)

Dough Boy (Doughnut, Custard, Blackberry Jam)

Irish Cocoa (Hot Chocolate, Whipped Cream, Irish Cream)

Krispie Treat (Rice Crispy, Caramel, Marshmallow, Peanut Butter)

Lime Bake (Cookie, Lime Cream, Coconut)

Monkey Brek (Banana, Custard, Biscuit)

Nom Bongo (Peach, Papaya, Mango)

Nutter Custard (Peanut Butter, Custard)

Salted Indulgence (Custard, Salted Caramel, Brown Sugar)

Strawberry Ambrosia (Strawberry, Cream)

Nom Nom indeed……

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