ELFC Welcomes Bakery Clouds! – E Liquid Flavour Concentrates UK

ELFC Welcomes Bakery Clouds! - E Liquid Flavour Concentrates UK


It was only a last week that we introduced T-Juice and Isle of Custard to ELFC, and now we have another new brand joining us!

Bakery Clouds flavour concentrates are a range of creamy, sweet and fruity bakery flavoured concentrates that are VG based, are made here in the UK, and were specifically designed to be used in max VG DIY e liquid.

All of the other flavour concentrates we stock are in a PG base, meaning that if you were to use a standard mix percentage of 20%, then your total e liquid mix will never be more than 80% VG. However, with Bakery Clouds flavour concentrates you can still use a 20% mix, and achieve over 92% VG!

Bakery Clouds do not claim to be 100% VG flavour concentrates, but they are approximately 65% VG.

The recommended mix percentage of Bakery Clouds flavour concentrates is 20%, but this can be adjusted up or down by 5% depending on preference.

Bakery Clouds Flavour List:

Agatha (Freshly baked scone topped with fruity jam and sweet cream)

Bethany (Sweet cream cake topped with fruit)

Charlotte (Strawberry cream cake)

Darlene (Vanilla cake topped with sweet caramel and fruit)

Happy mixing!

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