Does E-liquid Go Off?

Very confused and not sure if eliquid goes offIf it’s been a while since you’ve
vaped, or you’ve got a few e-liquids on the go at once, you may wonder why your
favourite looks a bit off-kilter. Maybe it’s gone cloudy, watery,
brown or the taste just isn’t quite right? In this blog post, we explain
whether – liquids are still safe to use in these states and answer common
questions like, can e-liquids expire?

How Long Should E-Liquid Last?

There are many factors which could
affect how long your – liquid lasts including the quality of Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin
(VG) or nicotine it contains, the
flavours and the ratios these are all mixed at.

There is no regulated expiration date
for e-liquids, however, we would normally expect
high quality e-liquids from brands like VsaviXeo or V2 to stay in excellent
condition for up to two years. However, if you buy a very cheap
e-liquid, it’s likely that you’ll notice the deterioration of your liquid much

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Why Else E-Liquids Expire

E juice expiration dates
should be clearly labelled on all bottles but there may be other reasons why liquids go off sooner than expected:

Incorrect storage
If e juices get too warm or too cold,
they can expire. Direct sunlight and extreme heat will also make your e juice go
bad. To keep e-liquids at their optimum, they should be stored in a dark and
cool place, preferably at room temperature.


You should make sure you keep your
e juices are kept sealed. If oxygen can get into the bottle, then there’s a
much higher chance of a drop in nicotine or the e-liquid going sour. Ensure that
the lid is screwed on tightly when not in use and don’t leave the lid off for
extended periods of time.

is Wrong With My E-Liquid?

There are a few ways that an
e-liquid can start to deteriorate and we share a few of them here. It may be
that the e-liquid turns a funny colour – perhaps cloudy or brown, or
that it starts to separate, thin out or collect sediment:

change in consistency

An e-liquid can change from its
original consistency when it has expired. If you’ve noticed that your
e-liquid appears to have clumps in it, it could be that it was manufactured in
the colder months and shipped to a warmer climate. You may also notice a change
in the colour – or clarity and this is due to steeping. When e-juice has turned like
this, you can try running it under hot water and shaking it. Separation can
sometimes be detected by the presence of sediment which doesn’t dissolve or
recombine with the-liquid when shaken.

My E-Liquid Turned Brown

You may notice that your
e-liquid has turned brown. This can be due to the high content of sweetener if
it’s a fruit flavour or contains a lot of VG. If you left fruit for some time
– let’s take a banana for example – it soon oxidises and becomes darker. This
is very similar to what happens with e-liquid. The nicotine in the e-liquid
breaks down with heat or sunlight and the oxygen in the bottle can cause a
chemical reaction between it and the-liquid. This can also cause the e-liquid to
turn a dark shade and it may give off a distinctly unpleasant peppery taste.

A drop in nicotine

If it smells ok, e-liquid is
usually fine to use. But, the longer you leave it, the less nicotine will be in
there and you’ll find yourself vaping more to compensate for being unable to
draw a decent hit. This is one of the key signs
that your e-liquid has expired.

Unusual Taste or Smell

man pinching his nose sensing a bad smell

Flavours can change dramatically when an
e-liquid has gone off. Citrus or menthol tones can start to taste
especially harsh, ‘off’ or may turn the-liquid cloudy. You  may see tinted oil
resting on top of the-liquid and this is the flavouring. A peppery taste is a
good way of knowing that an e-liquid is past its best.

You probably
know how much you loved the smell of
your favourite e liquid flavour when you bought it, so would
notice if it was unusual. If yours smells odd or different, we would
always recommend throwing it away.

Is it Safe to Use Expired Vape Juice?

While there isn’t a great deal of
evidence to support the safety of vaping expired e juice, it is recommended
that you don’t due to the potential for bad side effects and ruining your
e cigarette. As you have seen, e-juices can expire –
especially cheap e-liquids – but can last much longer if stored correctly.

Whilst e-liquid is unlikely to cause
any serious harm, especially when compared to the chemicals found in
traditional cigarettes, if you’re not sure about the look, smell or taste of
your vape juice, the best solution is to throw it away. If shaking the juice
does not properly redistribute any clumps or sediment lingering in the
bottle, throw out the juice, as it is likely to taste unpleasant, even if
still safe.

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