Blog article | Brief characteristics of the Portuguese vape market

What is essential is the fact that the ECigIntelligence report was published in February 2022. Since then, a few things have changed. Due to this fact, let us post a minor correction.

Over the past months, the population of vapers in Portugal has grown. As mentioned at the very beginning of the article, when the report was prepared, it was around 160 000 with a monthly growth of 1,8%. Right now, the count is 200 000 with an estimated growth varying between 5-10%.

Moreover, the average price of the product, which was 3,21€ in the report, was based on the largest national store chain, which sells some products at lower prices, compared to the ones smaller stores offer. A more accurate assessment of this matter can be done with VAPY products and their 10 ml e-liquids, which cost around 5€ if nicotine-free, or around 7€ for the nicotine-containing version. Let us add, that Chemnovatic products, such as VAPY e-liquids, are present in most of the stores in Portugal.

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