Avant Brands Launches Its First BLK MKT Premium Concentrates And New Flavor Of Tenzo

Avant Brands Inc. AVTBF launched  BLK MKT Peanut Butter Mac Live Rosin (1g) and also a new flavor for its Tenzo 510 thread cartridges, Wedding Crasher.

“After months of formulation and R&D, we are proud to deliver BLK MKT’s first premium concentrate to the Canadian adult-use market. The limited small-batch run was a result of Avant bringing together the best industry partners to ensure a high-quality product for consumers,” stated Norton Singhavon, founder and CEO of Avant. “As a result, BLK MKT was the top selling live rosin product in Ontario during its first two weeks of launch, outselling all other competing products, solidifying Avant’s market share within the concentrates category. This, alongside our Tenzo Wedding Crasher 510 thread cartridge, once again demonstrates how we continue to be innovative, while providing consumers high quality product from seed to shelf.”

BLK MKT Peanut Butter Mac Live Rosin is solventless, cold-cured peanut butter mac live hash rosin produced from handcrafted flower, fresh frozen at harvest.

Tenzo Wedding Crasher 510 thread cartridge is 510 carts made with a unique blend of craft cannabis derived terpenes (via solventless terpene extraction) and triple-distilled botanical terps. Oil is housed in high-end glass, ceramic and stainless-steel hardware to prevent leakage.

Photo: Courtesy of Avant Brands

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