Producer:   Magical Flavour

Aroma: Strawberry Milk

Taste: Milk and strawberry

Type: Creamy-Fruity

Format:   10ml

Maturation time: 7 days

Dilution recommended by the manufacturer: 8-15%

Used dilution: 10%

Note: The product in question was kindly offered to me by the manufacturer


A cordial greeting vapers, today I would like to talk to you about a creamy based on strawberry. Here is the review of the Strawberry Milk concentrated aroma produced by Magical Flavour.


On the nose we perceive a delicate strawberry with slight hints of milk. While at the sight the liquid obtained is colorless.

At the vape the feeling is that of vaping a milk and strawberry a little different from the usual one, in how much a pleasant and delicate sensation of freshness is perceived. The aromas I perceived were strawberry, milk and finally this delicate freshness. As for the strawberry, it has a fairly delicate flavor, it is sweet and sour to the right point, the taste tends to recall the classic strawberry used by the confectionery industry to produce ice cream and candy. The milk has a delicate taste and is easy to perceive, it gives the mix a medium creaminess, has an optimal sweetness, the taste is medium faithful. To conclude the work we have this delicate freshness, which is not annoying and tends to transmit a slight hint of mint. With regard to the aromatic balance, we have strawberry and milk in the foreground, while the fresh component is a pleasant side dish.


During inhalation of the concentrated Strawberry Milk aroma, we have this pleasant and fresh mix of milk and strawberry. Both aromas feel good, and milk gives the impression of wrapping the strawberry. The creaminess has a medium intensity. The taste is that of a milk and strawberry not too sweet and sour at the right point. In all this we have this delicate freshness that tends to present slight nuances of mint.


During the exhalation of the Magical Flavour Strawberry Milk aroma, milk tends to increase its aromatic intensity. In this way the taste of the milk becomes more lively and increases the overall creaminess. The strawberry maintains its intensity unchanged, the sweetness never becomes excessive and there is a slight increase in the harsh notes. The fresh part slightly reduces its strength and come out of the slight grassy notes that reminded me of a light taste mint.


The aftertaste is medium persistent, we have a generic sensation of freshness in which we find the evident notes of milk and strawberry.


With the review of the aroma for Strawberry Milk electronic cigarettes I had the chance to taste a pleasant milk and strawberry and a little different from the usual. First of all, I appreciated the fresh component, which does not bother, does not cover the flavors and above all has slight grassy notes that reminded me of a delicate mint. I liked the fact that the mix is ​​not too sweet, lending itself in this way to be quietly vaped all day. I also liked the taste of milk and strawberry.


I would recommend this aroma to all lovers of classic milk and strawberry, as both flavors taste good. In particular, I invite those who are looking for milk and strawberry to taste a little different than usual, as the delicate freshness and the light grassy notes, reminiscent of a light mint, represent an interesting touch of originality.

Personal judgment : Good, a pleasantly fresh milk and strawberry

There   Magical electronic cigarette aroma review   Flavor   Strawberry Milk was made at a power of 30 watts, diluted 10% in a 60VG / 40PG base.