Producer:   Magical Flavour

Aroma: Lemon Watermelon

Taste: Lemon and Watermelon

Type: Fruity

Format:   10ml

Maturation time: 10 days

Dilution recommended by the manufacturer: 8-15%

Used dilution: 10%

Manufacturer's website:

Note: The product in question was kindly offered to me by the manufacturer


A cordial greeting vapers, today I would like to talk about a fruity aroma characterized by a beautiful and unusual combination of fruits. Here is the review of the Magical Flavour Lemon Watermelon concentrated aroma, which is presented by the producer as a mix of lemon and watermelon.


On the nose we perceive a rather delicate perfume of watermelon, which presents slight hints of lemon. While at the sight the liquid obtained is colorless.

From the very first vaping, what strikes us is represented by this very balanced mix of lemon and watermelon, where both fruits are heard very well and no one tends to cover the other. Specifically, the lemon has a fairly direct taste, it is sweet to the right point, the sour notes have the right intensity that a lemon should have, the taste is quite natural and tends to remember a delicate lemonade. Also the watermelon is characterized by a direct taste and easy to perceive, has a slight juiciness, and the taste is very similar to that of a natural watermelon. From the point of view of the aromatic balance, no flavor tends to dominate the other, and both have the same aromatic intensity.


During the inhalation of the aroma for electronic cigarette Magical Flavour Lemon Watermelon, we have this balanced mix of lemon and watermelon, where both fruits have the same aromatic intensity. Of the lemon we perceive the sour notes and the taste similar to a lemonade, while of the watermelon we can appreciate the faithful taste that tends to mitigate the intensity of the sour notes linked to the lemon.


During the exhalation of the aroma for the Magical Flavour Lemon Watermelon vaping, the main change we feel is due to the lemon, which acquires a greater aromatic intensity. By virtue of this, the aromatic mix acquires a flavor much closer to a lemonade, where the watermelon is a very respectable co-protagonist. Although the lemon acquires more strength, the watermelon continues to have its say, thanks to its faithful and natural taste.


The aftertaste is medium persistent and delicate, where we have this delicate mix of lemonade and watermelon.


With the review of the aroma for the electronic cigarette Magical Flavour Lemon Watermelon, I was able to savor an aroma for the pleasant and original vape. First of all, I appreciated the fact of combining two quite different aromas, such as lemon and watermelon. Another element in favor of this aroma lies in the fact that both fruits feel very good, and no one tends to cover the other. I liked the taste of the individual aromas, which are characterized by a fairly natural taste and true to the fruit that mother nature gives us. To conclude, I appreciated the fact that the sweetness is not exaggerated, which makes it particularly suitable for being vaped all day.


I would recommend this aroma to all fruit lovers, especially those who are looking for a fruity taste with an original taste, as the lemon and watermelon work very well. Finally I am of the idea that will also appeal to those people who are looking for a thirst-quenching fruity and not too sweet.


Good : a fruitiness in which the lemon and watermelon pair works very well

There   review   aroma electronic cigarette   Magical   Flavour   Lemon Watermelon   it was made at a power of 32-35 watts and a 10% dilution. The aroma for vape   Magical Flavour   Lemon Watermelon was mixed on one  neutral base for electronic cigarette 50VG / 50PG.