Producer:   Magical Flavour

Aroma: Icy Mango

Taste: Iced Mango

Type: Fruity-Mentholated

Format:   10ml

Maturation time: 7 days

Dilution recommended by the manufacturer: 8-15%

Used dilution: 10%

Note: The product in question was kindly offered to me by the manufacturer


Hi Vapers, this time I want to talk about a very fresh fruitiness. I present to you the aroma Icy Mango by Magical Flavour, which offers us a Iced mango.


On the nose of concentrated aroma , we perceive a ripe and sweet mango, which is associated with light fresh notes. While at the sight the liquid obtained is colorless. At the expense of the first idea that we do is that of a very fresh mango , where freshness tends slightly to cover the taste of the fruit. The freshness is quite strong, but it is not that annoying that we find in very iced liquids, in fact in this freshness we perceive a clear menthol flavor , which does not create discomfort but on the other hand tends to slightly cover the taste of mango. For what concern Mango, it has a delicate and not very intense flavor , we have slight acidic notes and at the same time there are very slight bitter notes that tend to convey a certain natural hint. Overall the Mango has a medium faithful taste .


During inhalation of fruity aroma  Icy Mango, we perceive a  mango with obvious but not annoying sour notes, the taste is not too intense, the taste is medium natural. In all this we have the  menthol which gives a clear freshness  which increases during the vape.


During the exhalation of the aroma for vape Magical Flavour Icy Mango, we have a generic increase in the aromatic intensity of the mix . The mango tends to feel more, even if it continues to be a little held back by menthol.The sour notes of the fruit remain constant, come out of the slight bitter notes,  the taste is fairly faithful . Freshness keeps its intensity unchanged while increases the taste of menthol.


The aftertaste is medium persistent, we find the sour notes of the mango and a clear but not annoying freshness.


With the review of the Icy Mango I was able to taste a fresh aroma  and pleasant fruity, but with some minor defects. First of all I appreciated the fact that the classic Ice was not used for freshness, but instead it was decided to use a Menthol with a pleasant taste . The freshness despite being quite high does not bother us, the only flaw is that it slightly tends to cover the taste of Mango . I liked the mango the slight bitter notes and the taste that tends to approach the taste of the fruit . I would have preferred, however, that the fruit had been slightly more tasty and that the harsh notes had been less obvious.


I would recommend this aroma to everyone lovers of fresh fruit , especially those who like menthol. If you are looking for a fresh fruitiness where the main protagonist is the fruity part, I don't know if it is right for you.


Personal judgment : More than discreet, a good menthol accompanied by a shy mango.


There   Magical electronic cigarette aroma review   Flavor  Icy  Mango   was made at a power of 35 watts, diluted 10% in a 70VG / 30PG base.

Resistance wear: Medium

Vaping session duration: Suitable for Medium-Long duration sessions