Producer:   Magical Flavour

Aroma: Guava

Taste: Guava

Type: Fruity

Format:   10ml

Maturation time: 7 days

Dilution recommended by the manufacturer: 8-15%

Used dilution: 10%

Note: The product in question was kindly offered to me by the manufacturer


A cordial greeting Vapers, today I will talk about an aroma Guava fruity taste. The object of this review will be the Magical Flavour Guava.


We perceive a clear smell of tropical fruit   with slight sweetish and acidulous notes. While at the sight the liquid obtained is colorless.

I want to clarify to you that I never tasted the Guava, so I won't be able to tell you whether the taste is faithful or not, I can only tell you that it is a fruit originating from Malaysia. At the vaping the very first impression is that of a tropical fruit with a direct and sour taste . The guava has an immediate flavor, has clear acidic notes, is sweet at the right point, there is a slight creaminess that conveys a sensation of fruit pulp, to finish we have slight bitter notes that tend to remember the seed of a fruit. Overall it tends to remember well  the taste of a tropical fruit .


During the inhalation of the fruity aroma Magical Flavour Guava, the flavor is that of a  clearly acidulous tropical fruit . The fruit has a fairly clear taste, the acidulous notes are very good but are not annoying, the sweetness is barely mentioned. The taste is that of a  classic tropical fruit .


During the exhalation of the Magical Flavour Guava, we witness the appearance of one slight creaminess  which conveys a pleasant sensation of fruit pulp. Besides them there are also readings  bitter notes  which tend to convey the sensation of a fruit seed. The harsh notes acquire additional strength, while the sweet notes remain almost unchanged. Overall the taste is that of a tropical fruit with strong acidulous notes and bitter notes .


The aftertaste is quite delicate, we have a slight sensation of creaminess in which the sour notes of the fruit stand out.


With the review of the concentrated Magical Flavour Guava aroma, I savored a   interesting tropical fruitiness . In the first place I liked the light creaminess that tends to remember the  fruit pulp. I also liked the slight bitter notes when they contribute to making the taste quite close to that of a tropical fruit. The only note I would have towards the acidulous notes, which at times seem a bit excessive and could be a bit indigestible for those people who are little accustomed to harsh flavors.


I would recommend this aroma to those people who are looking for a slightly fruity tropical fruity and with clear sour notes . If you are looking for a fruity that tastes of candy and is not sour, I am of the idea that it is not for you.

Personal judgment : Discreet, a bitter and not very sweet tropical fruit

There  Magical electronic cigarette aroma review Flavor Guva was made at a power of 30 watts, diluted 10% in a 60VG / 40PG base.

Resistance wear: Medium

Vaping session duration: Suitable for Medium duration sessions.