Description of Magical Flavour Green Tea Flavor E-cigarette

Company : Magical Flavour

Aroma : Green Tea

Taste : green tea flavor

Type : Fruity drink

Size : 10 ml

Maturity time : 10 days

Manufacturer recommended dilution : 8-15%

Use thinner : 10%

Official website:

Please note : The product is provided to me by the manufacturer in good faith .

Review of Magical Flavour Green Tea Flavor :

Greetings to the most intimate vaper , today I want to talk about the aroma of a taste of the drink.Rather, let'stalk about electronic Magical Flavor Green Tea flavor concentratedflavor, flavor it provided by the producer of green tea flavor.

First impression  :

An exquisite tea exudes a very clear floral scent from the scent, while in the line of sight, the liquid obtained is colorless.

At the expense of our first feeling, it is a scented tea with a distinct floral fragrance. In addition, you can enjoy the pleasant thirst quenching effect. Specifically, tea is characterized by delicate taste, just the right taste, easy to remember tea, and strong floral fragrance. I almost say it is the aroma of roses, sometimes distracting us. For a moderately careful vaper , you can understand the slight freshness and a little thirst.


In the process of inhaling the fragrance of Magical Flavour Green Tea , we have this exquisite and refreshing tea, which is characterized by low sweetness and a very faithful taste. In addition to these, we also have exquisite floral fragrance to make the whole thing more fragrant.


During the exhalation of the e-cigarettes, we felt that the main modified Magical Flavour green tea had a floral element and became very strong. In this way, the aromatic mixture is more aromatic, they come from the scent of roses, and overall, the floral notes tend to be excessive and distract us from the tea. Tea is still subtle, even if its taste appears to be difficult, because floral notes often take over.


With a long lasting aftertaste, we have an exquisite tea with rich floral notes

Final comments:

With the aroma of the electronic cigarette Magical Flavour green tea, I tasted a pleasant taste but some flaws. On the positive side we have tea, in addition to exquisite, with a very loyal taste, slightly fresh and refreshing, with less sweet characteristics. What didn't excite me was that the excessive force of the floral notes during the exhalation covered the tea, and most importantly, it was difficult to face the long vape .

Who should I recommend to ?

I would recommend this aroma to those who are full of aromas, but the most important ones are those who look for aromas, and the floral aromas make them the protagonists.

Final judgment:

Almost cautious: With floral is a bit too strong

Persistence: middle and lower

Commentary Magical Flavor Green Tea electronic hardware is manufactured with 27-35 watts of power and 10 % dilution. The aroma of the evaporator Magical Flavour Green Tea is mixed on the neutral basis of the electronic cigarette 50VG / 50PG .