5 Annoying Things About Vaping

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Wed 29 Mar 2017

Vaping is great, right? The flavours, the excitement of getting new mods and tanks, and most importantly, helping us all get away from plant cigarettes.

For many vaping has become a hobby, and as with all hobbies, the enthusiasm runs deep and can result in many of us being unable to think about pretty much nothing else.

However, it’s rarely ever trouble free. So here are 5 Annoying Things About Vaping.

1: Leaking Tanks

Way back when tanks first started to hit the market, they leaked…a lot. Then innovation helped move things along and they leaked a bit less. However, the problem of leaky tanks has made a bit of a comeback in the past year or so, and it’s not hard to see why. Modern sub ohm tanks have huge airflow holes, massive wicking ports and chambers the size of RDAs. All of this adds up to a lot juice being consumed, and the potential for a lot of leaking.

2: Bad Coil Heads

Although the process is becoming more automated, many coils heads are still made by hand, and like cars made by British Leyland, the quality can vary depending on whether your coil was made at 2pm on Tuesday or 4pm on Friday. Bad coil heads are nothing new, and it’s what has convinced many vapers to buy RTAs instead.

3: Some Mods Just Don’t Work

It’s amazing how many mods are released that don’t live up to the specifications on the packaging. The Sigelei 213 was advertised as going up to, well, 213 watts. It didn’t. What it actually produced was around 155 watts maximum. The IPV 6X needed three revisions to get it right. The first had no reverse battery protection, and on the second revision the temperature control function didn’t work. Then there’s the range of Kangertech mods that were released last year. Not only did many of them not reach anywhere near their advertised wattage, but they also had a setting for temperature control with Nichrome wire, which failed every dry burn test.

4: Nasty DIY E Liquid

This one is exclusive to those who make their own e liquid, but it is very annoying. Not every recipe is a winner, so it can really sour your mood when you’ve invested time into developing a recipe, waiting weeks and weeks for it to steep and then…yuk. It tastes awful and you have to start the process all over again.

5: Regulations

The TPD is about to be fully implemented changing the face of vaping in the European Union. Add this to the FDA deeming regulations in the USA, and it’s clear that the vaping landscape will be very different in 12 months time. Regulations have the potential to be devastating for the vaping industry, the benefits vaping can bring and the many jobs it supports. Thinking about it however, regulations were always going to happen. Thankfully, the TPD isn’t as bad as many first feared and hopefully the pro vaping lobby in the States can restrict the FDA’s influence before their measures can do any significant damage.

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