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Low-Calorie Cocktail Ideas for Every Taste

Enjoy a tasty beverage without the extra calories. Check out these excellent low-calorie cocktail ideas for every taste. You may find your next favorite drink! Cocktails are great for parties, small gatherings, or after a long workday. However, the calorie count can add up quickly. Fortunately, we have low-calorie cocktail ideas for every taste! You […]

Top 6 Food Flavors Consumers Are Craving in 2022

These days, people are all about flavor in their favorite meals. And this year, you can understand popular trends that will influence your cuisine choices. Check out this list of the top six food flavors consumers are craving in 2022. And consider adding these flavors to your next meal! What Do People Want in 2022? […]

Introducing our new look… — DarkStar International Limited

DarkStar has a new look. We’re approaching our 10th year of supplying e-liquid enthusiasts with original products direct from our laboratory in York, and what a decade it’s been… While we’re continuing to test and release new flavours and products with our community, we thought it a good time to pause, look back, and update […]

Why Soda-Flavored Lip Balms Are So Popular

Don’t settle for average lip products when you can choose something fantastic. Read why soda-flavored lip balms are so popular for more information. Lip balm is a must-have product that’s ultra-hydrating and useful every day. And some balms are more popular than others. Keep reading to learn why soda-flavored lip balms are so popular today! […]

Difference Between A Flavor Concentrate & A Flavor Extract

Difference Between A Flavor Concentrate & A Flavor Extract

I’m here to answer your question of what the difference between a flavor concentrate and a flavor extract. I have two flavors here, actually they’re both the same flavor. I have a lemon emulsion, or concentrate, and a lemon extract. Both taste the same, but the lemon extract, because it’s an extraction; while it’s extracting, […]

What are E-Liquid Concentrates (and how to use them)?

Magical Flavour

I’m here today to talk to you about concentrates, one shot, enhancers, how to get to grip with concentrates and how to choose the right concentrates, What are concentrates? Concentrates are the flavors that go into your liquid they come as concentrated. Food grade flavors, this gives you a chance to mix your favorite flavors […]

6 Healthy Diet Tips for Anyone With a Sweet Tooth

Many people have a natural preference for sweet foods. However, high sugar intake isn’t great for your body. Fortunately, there are ways to satisfy your cravings without eating too many artificial sweeteners! Keep reading to learn these six healthy diet tips for anyone with a sweet tooth. Reasons We Crave Sugar If you crave sugary […]